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  1. Fms in Arena should have their chill 'thing' removed. I almost am incapable of comboing an fm as a kfm with chill up. Punishing a player for getting an advantage over the other is literal absurdity. Not to mention hm impact preventing charge attacks on a whim in addition to their skills that already block such attacks is goddamned annoying (although I think theyre changing that skill to 6s with the update, godbless) Summoner; killing the cat needs to become a strat again. It's the only way I see summoner balance being a thing. How it is now - although I can't say I know anything ab
  2. Never; they haven't even nerfed FM's yet. (I say yet, but they wont do that either)
  3. Sums are cancer and yet they aren't dominating rating. Same with BDS, hm carried BM's. My point is, everything is cancer(save for warlock and sf, BM without hm block, and dest without hm stomp), its just a question of HOW cancer.
  4. Ausuko

    Man, ffs

    I guarantee if i kill process ill lose elo (cuz this game and its *cricket*ing logic) so am i just supposed to chill here till the end of time or say *cricket* it cuz im not feeling *cricket* it.
  5. FMS are cancer Elaboration: They're extremely good in pvp to the point one wonders how much, if any skill FM requires.
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