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  1. they said it was gonna start at 2:00PM PDT today and it is after 2:00PM without a notice. Any info please f
  2. me to i cant log back in :(
  3. I was wondering if the new daily challenge box still has a chance to drop gold or if it is just going to be mats? Or is it going to be an extra box kinda like we have with the event now? quote from patch notes: "Daily Challenge Reward Chest has been added which grants various upgrade materials". Edit: found this on reddit i hope this isn't the new reward box https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/154682280646803465/301410427500363778/170411_001.jpg
  4. i thought the event ended tomorrow. why cant we buy anymore?
  5. hello can anyone please tell me the most important HM skills for a warlock my wife mains one and from a google search all we could find is that HM Dragon call is the main one but what about the others i can't really find anything about them. She dose not pvp at all except for SSP (no arena). Can a experienced WL please give us some guidance please thanks
  6. i was checking out some reviews from pc gamer and game spot and they are giving it bad reviews. i don't think they are realizing its an older game just getting released in the west. They say graphics are outdated and quest get repetitive (what mmo quest don't get repetitive) ect. i for one have having a good time playing and love the game. Just wanted to see what you guys and gals think about the reviews. http://www.pcgamer.com/blade-and-soul-review/ http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/blade-and-soul-review/1900-6416349/ p.s sorry if my spelling is not so g
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