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  1. Ideas for long hair?

    long hair for lyn plzzz , would be so cute ><
  2. Everyone's Voting Back Best Friend Right? :(

    black padded coat .. sorry :< , it was also from an rng box that had even worse rng
  3. got spring breeze from the seventh box XD ... but i heard ppl open over 100 boxes to get the black padded outfit .. it was ultra rare X(
  4. definitely black padded coat ,,, it was the hardest to get from all these outfits ... the rng was real .. and u can't get it any other way ..
  5. Show off your characters!!

    here is my main cute char ... and here is my soul fighter ...
  6. Poor Summoners. Not~

    awesome ... this way more ppl will quit . if u didn't notice .. most of the population in this game consist of summoners .. this way the game will die faster ..hope u'r all happy :)
  7. Stop leeching, start working for boss spawns!

    no ... i will afk if i want .. it's 24man dungeon after all not 6 man or 4 ... no one forced you to go kill the other minion bosses until the boss spawn .. also there are poeple who are clearing the dungeon because they have quests to do .. i don't so why would i go and waste my time ?
  8. so ? i don't get it ... so i just to wait till i get banned then write an article about it on Reddit so that a staff can acknowledge the issue ? ... why they banning people for no reason in the first place ?
  9. I've seen plenty of topics about people getting banned for no reason what so ever .... i have spent lots of time and effort in this game .. also a few dollars to be honest ... i want to know if i will get banned just because one of the GM was having a bad day after his (illegal) legendary weapon was removed ...?
  10. Disconnect :P

    thought is was my pc ... =-= i was at frozen fang ... killing last boss -_- ...
  11. Profile picture

    i sent then a ticket two days ago ... they said if you use 3rd party to change the picture or use inappropriate picture they will ban you ... and when i asked them if the picture was appropriate and legal ... they didn't answer my question directly ..this is what they said ... ) changing of profile picture using different format is not allowed ) they can't ban you for such a silly reason while the game is infested with bots .... actually that what i said in my ticket ...i asked if they will really ban ppl for this while their game has much more worse problems than a profile picture ...
  12. Outfit wishlist

    i wan all of hello kitty outfits ,,, they are all soo cute ><
  13. lowest ap for 4 man asura??

    i did create my own party and they get in see my ap and leave ...
  14. no no and no ... so you have any idea how much this game is full with rude idiots ??? they will kick u if u see anything they don't like about u ... or they will just kick u to get the loot ... how would u feel if u r on the last boss ,done killing it .. and when the loot box appear they kick u ... this game has the worst community iv'e ever seen ... at least in eu version not sure about na