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  1. Bots and Solutions

    i spend a few minutes a day reporting spammers etc anyway, it takes mere seconds to do a captcha and someone else mentioned even having them before loading screens etc to cross server dungeon and arena. I support the idea i think it will help against bots. What about the gold farmers though? these are actual players I mean you would think a summoner thats done nothing but kill terrors and blackwyrm and do pvp dailies for a week straight is a gold farmer but how do you prove it?? Oh and maybe make monsters to guard the quartz nodes
  2. Sorry if this has been mentioned i didn't read all comments. This could be very annoying depending on what you are doing, so i guess don't make it a pop up. but maybe a reminder thing that appears every hour or so. Like maybe same lil screen as pin at login with a simple maths question always at least a 2 digit answer and you put the answer in by clicking some number reminds you every hour or 2 gives you like a 5 minute grace period to answer. if you don't answer you dc....i dunno lol fail, just went back and read second comment.... i liked it
  3. Hook Kick

    Yeah being blocked or evaded or countered is fine. Resisted though.... did i resist my own effect?? i put it down to latency with some failures where i use it and nothing happens... it can be make or break the outcome of a fight so it can be frustrating. But resisted?! that annoys me lol.
  4. Silverfrost Mountains Evolve Stone

    From what i can find on the webs is that they are not crafted. They drop from the lvl 50 faction boss. Im ->guessing<- like a lvl 50 Blackwyrm. So guess i best start leveling a scummoner..... >;(
  5. Mushin Tower 7th Floor - The sin way

    Don't use ss save it incase you get chilled or whatever. SO when this happens to me. He normally stands there with a red ring around him and say crouching monkey, spikey cactus or something weird :P count to 3 or something, and then use C to mitigate damage, you should be attacking each other at the same time and his true sight buff should be about over. hook kick "if poisoned" go back to normal. If hook kick fails you have frost mine to freeze him and reposition, or just vanish. Trying to counter him is pointless unless he doesn't have the true sight buff. I down him 1st go most times now, and i play with 250 ping.
  6. Are you even trying NCSoft?

    To possibly balance the game out a bit? Or just let the exploiters, gold farmers etc continue to take advantage of everything unfair and broken? The longer things are left as they are, the faster the player base will up and leave. When they do i'll also have to, game will suck hard with no players.. When players are tired of having to put up with the above, tired of feeling like they're unable to get a fair go, or progress tired of having there questions unanswered..heck even replied to is something... They will not come back to Blade and Soul. And i am angry, that most issues seem to be ignored, unanswered, UNACKNOWLEDGED. Its a growing trend that seems to happen more and more everyday. Doesn't matter if its a local council, telephone company, supermarket, tradesmen. list goes on and on Its *cricket* poor customer relations Its *cricket* poor representation Its unprofessional!!!!! IT IS NOT OKAY TO TREAT PROBLEMS LIKE THIS! I think the player base is entitled to at the very least this. You acknowledge issues You let player base know of any if there are, plans to fix these "doesn't have to be how" a rough estimate on when is nice You need to communicate your plans SOMEWHAT. And too anybody that thinks otherwise or believes there is no problem Enjoy your tower with your shiny gear when you have no other players to flaunt it too, because you will leave too. Yes i'm assuming if you disagree you have "shiny gear"... if your not on one side of the fence your on the other. figure it out.
  7. Hook Kick

    I know you need at least one poison stacked. But the ability honestly fails quite often for myself. It actually says resisted sometimes, sometimes it says nothing. I perform the skill, do the animation etc, do the damage from hook kick and just straight up fail to stealth. I also find myself failing to enter stealth often enough with shadow dash also, or i will enter stealth and return to decoy stance after .5 of a second I do not take damage, i do not have any dot or debuff applied to me when it happens and i do not use an ability to change my stance. The most annoying thing that has happened to me is any time i fought a KFM, i would use my wood doll/block ability and when they attacked me i would appear in stealth behind them with the doll over my own head and would be stunned for two seconds. This happens a lot to me in arena.
  8. Dark Pirate King rng luck

    Thats really odd staahpxDD. i have had a little over 200 spins on the "wheel of misfortune" 1 - Dark sliver chest 2- never landed on it once 3 - Blackram soju 4 - never landed on it once 5 - never landed on it once 6 - NOPE 7 - Blackram Kaoling Ju 8 - BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!!!!! its ok we all make up stories hope the above info is useful to somebody
  9. Hook Kick

    I hate it when your hook kick gets a "resist" and fails to stealth you. doesn't make sense. possible bug??? really grinds my gears lol
  10. Mushin Tower 7th Floor - The sin way

    i think latency could be an issue, Anyway i always get failed stealth attempts or some bogus thing will happen to me. but he's still easy enough .1 save stab stun till end of stealth, 2 sec stun gives you a time window to restealth .2 use frost mines .3 smoke cloud .4 try not to use shadow slip and keep an eye out on his buffs, he often gets a 6 sec buff he can see through stealth.
  11. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    Yeah no harm in trying. So i used that ping tool tet666 linked and my ping to server according to it is 230 with spikes as high as 410. Oh and now when i log in after that disconnect the "connecting to server window" just stays there, but if i ignore it and click on the enter game button on bottom of other screen it works lol
  12. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    Yeah normal one gave the error, i downloaded another version wtfast beta..? tried it manually and got same error
  13. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    Tried using wtfast and i get an error when i try to enter game, number was 300...
  14. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    On it! :D
  15. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    I thought using a VPN could get you an autoban from Gameguard??