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  1. quick make a naming and shaming thread... usually a mod will respond very quickly on those thread :p
  2. Love The Game

    me too me too
  3. Avoid a ban (Sticky please)

    don't use a keyboard or mouse with keybinding software, sometimes gameguard is too sensitive it detect the program as macro or bot automation program. just use a normal shitty keyboard with a normal two button mouse.
  4. the system is working as intended, and the people that do it is protected by "naming and shaming" rules... pretty nice... now im started to think to do it my self if i had the chance to be a party leader. please fix this ncsoft !!!
  5. PSA Boss Loot Changers

    sadly those people is protected by "naming and shaming" rules of the game and forum. so those people identity is protected by ncsoft. this makes me wanna do it my self too, because the system is designed that way and working as intended. for OP, join the long thread here for the same topic : we must make that thread long enough so ncsoft will see it.

    so people that do this is actually protected by ncsoft with "naming and shaming" rules... nice.... now i'm thinking to do this my self... cause you know... calling them out is "naming and shaming"... anyway OP join the same discussion on this long thread here :
  7. Master Looting During Boss Fight

    there's already a long thread about this. the dev said they will look into it, but no promises. the system is designed that way by the developer and working as intended too bad it's only good for kBnS or jBnS where people there is actually polite, not a selfish *cricket* and considerate to others while on the other hand EU/NA have selfish, *cricket* *cricket*, that actually make trolling and watching people miserable as a hobby. here post here so this thread get ncsoft attention :
  8. i just hope they fix the loot change on battle option. it's crazy. people were ninja-ing everything. the dev forget that na/eu people is not as nice, considerate, and polite like kBnS or jBnS. the na/eu market is filled with selfish people that only think for them self and has trolling and watching people miserable as a hobby. the next i'm i got my chance as being a party leader i'll get my revenge and ninja the loot for my self and it's legal cause as far as we know now, the system is designed that way and working as intended.
  9. Take care in Bidding!!!

    yup this is what I do too. I put the maximum amount I'm willing to pay, and if the price goes up, I'll get good amount of silver
  10. So I just arrived in Cinderlands, and start Act II, the first mob I kill after the village is not under attack drop this things called "Serpent Calling Bell", it said I have to give it to Old Man Cho. Anyone know where's Cho ?? Thanks in Advance.
  11. Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.

    well, better prepare for another 5 hour emergency maintenance tomorrow guys...
  12. that sounds a bit p2w, but totally legit request. people that don't want to spend money, and want to work their way in game by grinding the dungeon could get the drop by playing the game. and people that don't have time to grind in the game can work in real life, get real money, and buy it from the shop. and make it account bound so they can't trade it. it's a win win situation for both kind of people.
  13. 10 - 15 minutes ? something is wrong with your installation. Try putting BnS gamefiles on an SSD... works like a charm :)
  14. Banned... -_-

    oh please... you forgot to tell us the part about how you buy that gold from goldseller... or how you use macro to play... or the part where you install a bot program in that pc.