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  1. I cannot imagine the NCSoft staff running around collecting these issues there aren't 1000 of them. I would like to do this database and help these issues be noticed, This is for YOU players and you are helping YOURSELF. I am also asking for you to be patient and not aggressive with any issues you want to give across... let's make one thread which NCSoft might find and use seeing the ideas collected in a better way since everyone is posting in General Discussions. Want to get in touch with me in the game? Player name: Phantium Server: Mushin I will be making more characters on more servers that are populated. Issues and requests: - ACCOUNT BOUND ITEMS WANTED: Many players would like a system in which if we buy an item it is account bound and not character bound. I will give an example: You buy a costume for real money players would like that costume to be available for all characters without having to purchase it multiple times. Benefits of this for NCSoft: + More sales, since there will be an advantage of being able to buy costumes for all characters this will make more players want to buy costumes and other items. You will be making good deals with the players and forming a good bond between the playerbase and the way you ask for support. - Less bans, a lot of players have complained about there being bans for reasons that didn't exist. Some get banned for your account being hacked while there is nothing we can do stop a account from being hacked I do feel that unbanning an account after it was hacked with proof would be useful. Some players also move around countries, states, cities. They are afraid to be banned and would like to be safe about their account and any money they paid into the game... maybe a feature with email verifications would be good? eg. ''Have you logged into Blade and Soul on (time) and from (locations, IP) If yes press this link: (link) Notice: After 24 hours your account will be locked due to security reasons and will require verification to get your account back. If this happened contact: (email).'' Benefits: + More players and less players quitting. - A lot of players are asking for a fix for VPN issues including Battleping, pingzapper, WTFast. This is causing issues such as getting instantly kicked out of the game once they enter with their characters due to the gameguard. Benefits: + More players + Less players lagging, having bad ping and more enjoyable experience for all players. - Massive ping changes are experienced daily which doesn't help with the PvP point of the game. Benefits of fixing this + The content that was developed will be playable + Players will be able to play the game better + Less players quitting due to not being able to play smoothly. - Jump dodge (Confirmed) Some people have been seen dodging moves this has nothing to do with evasion rates they just dodge. This is confirmed by a lot of people including professional players. How fixing this would benefit the game: + Less bugs + Less accidental luck with no reason which was not supposed to be in the game. - Sometimes skills are on cooldown but shown as active. This has been reported by players and fixing this is important because: + This is a bug that shouldn't be in the game. + It causes confusion and delivers a game that makes you believe it is unfinished. We understand it is a bug but if it stays it may have this affect on people. + Lets people plan out combos better and engage in the game. - Open world PvP escape. Players are not a fan of this option and find it a unfair advantage which raises people who cheat in PvP. This should be fixed because: + Would get more players to participate in PvP + Would have less cheaters and a more fair PvP system. - Many areas hard to reach areas like Yehara's Mirage have been said to have invisible walls blocking people when they try to run in it. Benefits: + People are able to explore the areas that are provided in the game. + People do not feel restricted in the game therefore more players join feeling that the game is not restricting. -Random things happen in PvP these include you being in midair and being stuned by the person you are fighting with. Benefits of fixing this: + More fair battles. + More players joining PvP + Better PvP system + More players joining the game if they love PvP. - Sometimes you cannot revive. This is super important, some people have been reported dying in the game and not being able to revive. This causes a lot of issues if someone sacrefises themselves before a boss dies for tactics and cannot revive. Benefits of fixing this: + More tactics available for players including bigger engagement with the game + Players need to feel safe being able to revive if they die, this is a bug of one of the core points of the game! - Being able to vote kick in dungeons wanted some players come in a dungeon sit at the entrance and afk themselves this causes them to get the loot that other players earned by working hard without the players who are pretending to be afk earning it. Benefits of fixing this: + No cheating in dungeons + More players doing dungeons knowing they will get what they earned + Better dungeon system + More players joining the game as the game improves. + Less players quitting - Bug with skills some people have been experiencing this weird bug: Benefits of fixing this: + Knowing what skills people are choosing! + This is not part of the game and it is a game crushing bug. + More players would be able to create tactics easier. + Game would become more playable. -Separate inventory for Soul Shield fragments. People are running out of bag space to complete the sets they want when they collect Soul Shield fragments which is a basic point of the game. Benefits of including this feature: + Players can have more sets + Things that should not take up inventory space would stop taking it up - A traditional roll system for dungeon loot. Benefits of including this feature: + Less arguing about loot. + Nicer community and less tickets about cheating etc. + More fair way of giving out loot. -A more complex system for costumes players would like a system in which $5 gives a a temporary costume for 30 days, $10 gives you a costume for one character (could be an exception to account binding items everything else would be account bound) and $15-20 would give it to the whole account. Benefits of including this feature: + More money and support to the company. + More players buying costumes and being able to buy the costumes for cheaper = more money. - Wadrobe unlockable for money people would like the wadrobe to be unlockable using the cash shop. Benefits for this: + People being able to support the game and receive better service. -Being able to buy cash shop items with gold people would like to go on the market and be able to buy items that would normally need real cash to buy. This boosts the sales up and also gives less gold spammers. More players that have the money for items can buy items and sell them for gold and the players who cannot pay will be able to have a way to receive cash items causing the need for cash shop items to be bigger making more people buy items to sell them in game. Benefits of including this feature: + Less good spammers. + More money earned for the company + Making the game enjoyable for people who cannot pay. -Crafting more valuable and needed people would like the crafting system to be more awarding. The game is giving too much crafted items for quests and people are having difficulties selling items they crafted which is a simple way of the community communicating with each other. Benefits of adding this feature: + More socialising and unique community. + More people crafting and enjoying the games mechanics. -Pre 45 purples tradeable people would like to trade the pre 45 purples even if this would include investments in the dungeon and party. Benefits of adding this feature: + More communication + More enjoyment from trading things to your friends. -In addition to the traditional rolling system People would like soul shields and weapons to be instanced for every player. Benefits: + Less fighting over items. - No payments for inventory space People feel that spending over 60 dollars on inventory space is not a good thing. People want to buy items from the store and would happily buy them but are limited by inventory space that is too expensive for people to have. Inventory space would be better free and would boosts sales of items. Benefits: + Boosts sales of items and helps the company. + More players because of the features in the game being improved. + More players joining and the game being more popular due to the better systems of inventory. - Stop restrictions for mail Benefit: + A core feature of the game will be available to players. - Allow it to be unrestricted by buying coins from any source not just the in-game store. Benefit: Game message and support article will be accurate. -After chi restoration people cannot revive when people try to revive the game crashes, they have to restart the game to get to play again but when the players comeback they are dead and have to wait for a revive. Benefits of adding this: + This is a big that has to be fixed! + People can lose characters + Less players if you lose a character you played long on + More players playing if the issue is fixed. -Larger chat limit Benefits: + More communication -Option in Arena to face oppoments with similiar ping and lag issues some users have issues with the ping and would like to face oppoments that have the same lag and ping as them. Benefits: + Arena is more fair + Doesn't bother people with good connection. -Help with resolving an error (1000)(132,10054) - Some people get this error and get disconnected causing them to not be able to play more than 10 mins. Benefits: + Bigger playerbase + More people joining the game - Access to Wardrobe storage open to all players, and shared wardrobe for premium players (duplicate outfits stack like most items stack in the inventory Benefits: +Helps alleviate some of the heinous inventory issues this game has for free players. +Imho, more valuable than the simple wardrobe storage perk for premium, making buying premium more desireable +Automatically fixes the problem with character-bound cash shop items +And makes it look like NCSoft is adding convenience for paying players instead of removing it for not yet paying players. -Area for last online in a clan players would like to see when their members were last online Benefits: + Able to have more active members in a clan + Better communication -More players being advisors in a clan Benefits: + More players would be able to manage a guild and help create better communities. -Darken the quest tracker Some people have difficulties reading the quest log. Benefits: + Easier access to quest objectives + Easier way to playing the game. An option in the sound settings for VO language and subtitle language. +More options mean more happy people! +Feels more authentic listening to the story in its original language (Even though the translation might not be exact) +Lets us escape the HORRIFIC audio quality and errors of the ENG dub. Take a pass over every spoken line in the game and redub it if there is any stray echo or clipping +It'll make it seem like this game was localized by professionals instead of highschool kids in their closets with coats pinned to the walls. (That'd probably have less reverb than this) Seriously it's worse than the SHHDC redubbing. (Tho this is a lot less likely than the above one) Take a pass over every bit of text in the game, and I mean IN THE GAME, not on some spreadsheet and correct inconsistencies and wmispellings. +More consistent communication +less costly errors made by the player due to bad information. +Makes the game look like it was localized by professionals instead of highschool kids with google translate. A generic report function with a text field +For harassment, bug abuse, what have you. +More policing of toxic behavior since it's more convenient than going out of game. An ingame support feature for tickets and FAQs. +More bugs reported because not everyone wants to come to the forums +less frustration when facing a problem due to convenient problem solving faculties. Can we get a hair color that's like the blue diffuse and green reflection hair color sans the green reflection? :< +My hair will match my lyn's ears in every light. +I will feel pretty instead of clashing sometimes. +pls :< - Fix the chat tab Players are not able to edit any other chat tabs apart from the first one. Benefits of fixing this: + More comfortable for the player + Better communication -A sensible way to get cloth. +We'll be able to use the cloth transmutation function +Something to do with all those Deva Outfit boxes. +Seriously who the *cricket* is gonna salvage cash shop items? -Being able to buy premium out of game, on the site, with real money not ncoin. +More convenient +LESS OF THAT STUPID PREDATORY DOUBLE PRICING. -More eye colors. (seriously we have so many hair colors now, but so few eye colors) +More Varied characters! +I'll buy an alteration voucher for that! -Separation of hair color and hair shine. +More customization +MY EARS WILL MATCH MY HAIR COLOR. +Less CC clutter in the long run. -Issue: More roaming mobs with kill sharing/Tag System while in open world Benefits: I already made a forum post on this issue, visit my profile and find the post if you'd like (MEMBER: SirKyrxon). The benefits would be everyone gets the kill credit if they simply hit the mob with an attack. This'll help everyone finish their quests faster and also it will get rid of the traffic in the area. Why have 14 people spawn camping like 7 quest mobs? Also not everyone is going to accept a party invite either to get kill credit together. (That's if you can get the credit together, i haven't tried yet). -More forum sections Players would like to see more forum sections, this includes a section for each class of the game including warlock for the hype. Fan creations would be better split up into Art/Screenshots and Fanfiction/roleplay. Players would in addition also like sections for: - The store (Ncoin and Hongmoon) - Off topic section. - Story discussions forum. - Server forums and their factions. -Some players cannot use the marketplace This is a bug that has been happening to some players and needs to be fixed. Benefits: + More people using the marketplace (more communication) + This is a bug and has to be fixed! + More people playing the game because features are not broken. - A server status page on the main site would be great! Like we could check if the servers are up, their population status, and the amount of people in queue! +Convenience +Help people know what servers to roll on +I don't have to be afraid to log out! - Also Maybe a bank next to E. Fleet? You get so many drops from there, it'd be nice to empty my inventory right away. +Convenience -Ability to take what we want from drops. Players want to choose what they take from the drop eg. One dumpling and not have to take everything that was dropped. Benefits: + Convenience + More inventory space for players + Better features = More players. -Issue/Request: Remove the maximum character limit of seven per account Benefits: People who greatly enjoy creating characters or want to have a character with every race/class/gender combination, or want to make characters on several servers, are also likely willing to spend money on as many character slot upgrades as they need to achieve this goal. -Issue/Request: Oceanic/SEA Clan forums Benefits: Will help players from OCE/SEA region to coordinate what server they play on. This will also help with community building and holding community events. -Smaller head minimum for lyn? +Less bobblehead. '3' +Players are willing to pay for this -New patch FPS PROBLEMS Many players that run on very good PCs have reported having FPS problems with the new patch, they went from around 40-50 FPS to 15-20 FPS even putting the options to minimum does not help this issue. Benefits: + More players being able to play + More players join + This is a bug that should not be in the game. - Crash fixing crash fixing and disabling Razer chroma and Razer support services for users who cannot do it. -Request: Free wind stride for Premium members Benefit: More reason to become a premium member without disadvantaging other players. - Request: Change Force Master ribbon to stop it from clipping into the floor. This can be done without affecting the length of it during movement (so it still flows behind the player) Benefit: FM is less soul destroying to look at when the weapon constantly clips through the ground. Request: Please fix the localisation of skills (i.e. name and description). There are numerous issues where skill names change in different description boxes making it harder to understand how your abilities work together. Benefits: + Easier gameplay for everyone + More people understand the game + Friendly to new players + More players decide to stay with the game -Bandit cave Some people have been getting disconnected right after entering the bandit cave Benefits: + Players can play the game + More people playing the game + More reccomendations + This is a bug, has to be fixed! -Implement a voting system when the party leader changes the loot option where all party members agree before the loot option gets changed. I don't understand why this was never implemented to begin with. It's a huge flaw in the party system. Shame on those players who abused it, but it should have never been allowed. Benefits: + Less players abusing the system + Better communication + Game more fun to play -More keybind options. Especially the option to keybind certain spells to something else that require you to double press to use =.= (aka SS for forcemaster backstep or WW sprinting) (and yes hold a little awkward for some people so keybind option to something else would be nice) Benefits: + Easier to play the game + Convenient + More players feeling comfortable with the controls. -Move spells around the action bar and have that second action bar stay on all the time rather than having it vanish when combat is over Benefits: + Less confusing + More convenient + More comfortable for players - Launcher Error "invalid game client file please update the game client or reinstall (2000) (193)" I repaired and reinstalled but nothing still the same error please help. This issue is a very huge one for the community, one of the members has this computer that receives this error: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10240) (10240.th1.160104-1507) Language: Spanish (Regional Setting: Spanish) System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard System Model: HP 15 Notebook PC Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.6GHz Memory: 6144MB RAM Available OS Memory: 6076MB RAM Page File: 3069MB used, 4030MB available DirectX Version: 12 Benefits: + This is a bug that should not exist + More players can play the game + More popularity for the game -FPS Drops( especially in short corridors ) + More players + Better game experience -All items marketable before equipping/unsealing them + Less frustrating experience + More enjoyable dungeon runs -Request: In addition to the dungeon loot system, When creating LFG Dungeon request, you should have the options to pre-set the dungeon conditions. Such as the loot system being used (either traditional need/greed or bidding system) and the loot options that can currently be changed inside the dungeon should also be set before entering and not changeable once inside. Benefits: Happier playerbase, more players satisfied with dungeons and loot drops. Stops high level players that run dungeons with lowbees solely to change the loot system last minute, take everything and quit the dungeon. -Issue: Assassin Class Camera Bug? Whenever Skill 3 (Swiftstep I believe is the name) is used during stealth, or when using a complete stealth to aerial combo ending with the Piledriver-like move (dont know the actual name of the final skill) the camera is always reset back to close up behind the character. Have tweeked and changed and tested all camera distance settings and camera options to no avail. Found one thread with this issue from back during beta, Benefits: Better gameplay, more satisfied assassins. Players less likely to quit the class from constant frustration of having to reset the camera distance every mob or so. -Request: Stronger servers in general. Maybe upgrade server Tech, software , maintenance protocals. Something to strengthen the overall systems themselves. Benefits: Less lag spikes across the board, less potential server failures, players able to pvp with any class they desire(not having to drop KFM because they can't keep a solid ping long enough to be competative), players capable of logging in whenever their time allows it and able to have a good solid foundation to build their skills making the community grow and giving the west a chance at making Blade & Soul an active game in the NA, EU E-Sports scene (talked to many people that don't think the current state of NA/EU B&S can handle being an E-sport due to technical/bug issues) -Issue: Gliding Damage. While gliding if I run into a tree branch and change direction and keep gliding, or try to land on said tree branch, I will sometimes take heavy damage. Anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 of my life will just disappear instantly. I assume the game thinks because I am high up and touched solid ground it somehow thinks I fell that far down, but have not fallen at all. Benefits: Must be a bug, and bugs need fixing. -Issue/Request: Give us some courtesy minutes to get in the server again if we DC Benefits: + Player will not have to wait again all queues + Player will have a chance to get back with is character + Player will have a chance to reconect with the last group -Issue/Request: Let the players report in PvP Lobby and Dungeon Lobby Benefits: + Less bot spam -Issue/Request: Remove the Master Loot option from Cross Server dungeon /or/ Vote for change loot Benefits: + Less ninja looters + Not force to only play with friends. -Request: The option to turn off the screen shake on critical hits (turning off "Cinematic Skill Camera" does not include crits). While for some classes this does not have a large impact, for Force Masters it is a very common occurrence. Please save my aching head! Benefits: + Players feel more comfortable -Remove instant kills of party members because Assassins/rushers run and attack boss. Teleport those inside instead if fight starts. Benefits: + More enyojable experience of the game + Better features + More members due to better features Request/Issue: Being able to report players in game Benefits: + Less players have to be in a bad community + Nicer experiences Request: Auto disabling Razer Chroma and Razer support services (For people who do not know how to do this) Benefits: + Users who do not know how to do these things don't have to struggle. + More players Issue: Fix frequent crashes Some users have experienced frequent crashes and cannot play even 10 mins of the game. Benefits: + This is a bug and has to be fixed + More players. Issue: Suspected bug on Night Luna costume Players feel that the costume is bug at the back on a Gon female Picture for reference: Benefits: +Better graphics +More pleasent to look at - Lower NC coins pricing - actually is really hight price for NC coins. + more player (young one which didn't work) can buy more coins +NC increase incoming +player will be more happy to use NC coins in the Hongomoon Store - Crafting revamp - now we have only 2 crafting worth Merry Pottery and Soul Shield. The other crafting skill use product of Pottery (solvents) and transformation stone. Revamp the other skill make player base more happy to craft and help the economy of the game _-remove the server sharing of the same gathering node - quartz are heavy farmed in the game and is hard to find. Make respawn quick (40 min / 1 hour is too much) and make nodes free for all players (i often fine nodes open but not consumed this is a waste of resources. Changing it gold seller business will be cut off (they gain gold farming nodes and sell quartz) +more player will be happy leveling a crafting skill + Less Gold Seller -Remove any chat limitation - For a gold seller company doing 10/20/30/50 level in order to spam on chat is not a problem ( i can see gold seller level 10 happy to spam). Trying to stop them with this kind of limitation is useless and make the life of new player hard. - Increase the ignore list number in this way we can put more gold spammer in ignore list Bugs: Skill: Counter (KFM) Does not work as intended for Tier 3 Stage, it does not block stun or daze after successful counter. Skill: Launch (KFM) Sometimes you cannot dropkick or do anything because the animation is not suspended but moving mid-air Benefits: + Bugs and shouldn't be in the game + More players because the game gets better Game issue: Arena pvp: random fps drops to 10-20 until you reload game Benefits: + Game becomes smoother + More people want to play + A more enjoyable game Issue: Some players accounts have been wiped after the last patch!!!! This has to be fixed! APOLOGIES IF ANY ISSUES ARE REPEATED. PLEASE USE THIS FORM TO SUBMIT AN ISSUE/REQUEST: Issue/Request: Benefits: [PLEASE POST YOUR ISSUES & REQUESTS AND I WILL ADD THEM] PLEASE LIKE THIS POST IF YOU AGREE WITH THE ISSUES
  2. Thread will be updated later today haven't left this don't worry.
  3. No problem sounds awful.. I didn't even put benefits because I felt it was just obvious.
  4. Gender changing

    Would you like this posted in my thread?
  5. NCSoft auto refunds, Hime asked to wait and...

    I am scared to buy anything now
  6. Request for Class Forums

    already on my thread
  7. 7 day deletion

    You don't need all abilities to check out a class if you want all abilities purchase character slots for all classes. You don't need to go up to level 15 to see if you like a class, if you desire to play with it for so long as I said get character slots. Being sarcastic with ''Genius'' won't get you anywhere and makes you look unproffesional in getting your point across.
  8. 7 day deletion

    Don't make your character go above level 15 if you are testing out classes.
  9. Show off your characters!!

    Some new screenshots a bit more into the game
  10. 7 day deletion

    My characters get deleted after 5 mins waiting time.
  11. These are not my ideas, these are ideas of the community put together and then NCSoft will look at it and decide what they will do. This thread was sent off already. I am also a woman not a boy and I am not a child.
  12. That is not for you to decide, this thread is SPECIALLY made so that the general discussions forum is not flooded with people posting their issues. A GM told me this is also a issue that people have been flooding the general discussion thread. NCSoft would have to look through each idea to make it happen and they will decide what is better for the game and if they like anything on the list.
  13. Yeah it happened to me. Is there a official que?
  14. NOTE: If your issue was not posted please tell me and be patient I am not a machine. I experience some issues with the forums sometimes and before it died when I pressed save thread and I had to use a backup which could have messed up.
  15. Thanks I doubt we will get a response from them here. I did do a backup of the thread incase they start deleting threads that are for help section, I will put it there.
  16. Everything has been added for some reason I cannot use the bold option on the forums anymore. I highlighted the text through hopefully it is easy to read.
  17. It is in Features that can be added. This thread is not for arguing, had enough of people disagreeing over things on these forums that's why this thread exists.
  18. Deleted from OP post. Same as account bound items. Done.
  19. As I said I contacted the GM and she has read this thread already. This thread has been taken to the development team.
  20. The starting post is for the B&S team to read and decide what will happen sorry.