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  1. You don't need all abilities to check out a class if you want all abilities purchase character slots for all classes. 

    You don't need to go up to level 15 to see if you like a class, if you desire to play with it for so long as I said get character slots.

    Being sarcastic with ''Genius'' won't get you anywhere and makes you look unproffesional in getting your point across.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Miz70 said:

    - Lower NC coins pricing - actually is really hight price for NC coins. 

    + more player (young one which didn't work) can buy more coins

    +NC increase incoming

    +player will be more happy to use NC coins in the Hongomoon Store


    - Crafting revamp - now we have only 2 crafting worth Merry Pottery and Soul Shield. The other crafting skill use product of Pottery (solvents) and  transformation stone. Revamp the other skill make player base more happy to craft and help the economy of the game


    _ remove the server sharing of the same gathering node - quartz are heavy farmed in the game and is hard to find. Make respawn quick (40 min / 1 hour is too much) and make nodes free for all players (i often fine nodes open but not consumed  this is a waste of resources.

    Changing it gold seller business will be cut off (they gain gold farming nodes and sell quartz)

    +more player will be happy leveling a crafting skill

    + Less Gold Seller

    -Remove any chat limitation - For a gold seller company doing 10/20/30/50 level in order to spam on chat is not a problem ( i can see gold seller level 10 happy to spam). Trying to stop them with this kind of limitation is useless and make the life of new player hard. 
     - Increase  the ignore list number   in this way we can put more gold spammer in ingnore list 



    13 minutes ago, SoIaris said:

    This post is a really good initiative. It is nice to have all issues gathered. So I'll add one.


    The new costume Night Luna looks amazing however from behind the mid section will look really awkward flying in mid air. Posting an image for reference.

    I think the mid section is only bugged on Gon female. Since this is my main it makes me sad. NCSoft Please.


  3. Just now, pingal1ty said:

    The general discussion is going to be filled by 1 new post every 10 seconds regardless of you opening a thread or not. 


    Remember yesterdays maintenance? Check the bug section subforum. People all at the same time opening the same thread over and over again "I input my pin code and the game crashes".


    People can't read before posting, that's the issue, and btw when I quoted you I didn't said it was a bad idea or something, congratulations for your post boy, its very long and you worked hard for it but I am saying I don't agree on some of your ideas, that's all.

    These are not my ideas, these are ideas of the community put together and then NCSoft will look at it and decide what they will do. This thread was sent off already.

    I am also a woman not a boy and I am not a child. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, pingal1ty said:

    Too much to read but I can't agree on this. Tera had this and people were most of the time jumping in PvP to avoid getting ccd, instead of an stun you just took a knockdown and since the game (blade and soul) is kinda different from Tera it wouldn't work that good. 


    Blade and soul PvP system is kind of unique and very mental, the only problem is the target system that is bad and the ping difference makes 2 players. with similar skills, win decided by who has more responsive connection.


    Most of the things you are posting just do alter the game like it is and I can't agree.


    When you open a thread like this don't speak in name of others, just speak it for yourself, you could make the thread like "my personal opinion on which things to change in blade and soul". Then people can agree or disagree, sum up to a concrete thing or just deny/renegade from other suggestions you are making

    That is not for you to decide, this thread is SPECIALLY made so that the general discussions forum is not flooded with people posting their issues. A GM told me this is also a issue that people have been flooding the general discussion thread. 

    NCSoft would have to look through each idea to make it happen and they will decide what is better for the game and if they like anything on the list. 

  5. 5 hours ago, Separty said:

    Good job OP. Waiting NCSOFT thanks


    14 hours ago, Ernestasx said:

    You did an amazing job. More things i haven't seen added are simple ones.

    * Crash fixing by disabling Razer chroma and Razer support services while the game is open. (for ppl who can't do it)

    *Fixing the very very frequent crashes after the patch. I can't even play, 2 minutes is my tops now, while 30 was max before the update :(


    13 hours ago, MENT said:

    Many good and right things were organized by the OP and for sure deserve Dev's reply here.

    Thanks I doubt we will get a response from them here. 

    I did do a backup of the thread incase they start deleting threads that are for help section, I will put it there. 

  6. Just now, Enhance said:

    I remember helping a guy having exact same issue. It's your graphics drivers, reinstall them.


    On topic, I suggest not adding controversial things like

    (this caught my eye). Not going to argue one way or another here, but the community is not one-sided on this matter, and therefore it's not something that should be in "bugs and issues".

    It is in Features that can be added.

    2 minutes ago, 2501 said:


    That's like a recruiter telling you they'll keep your resume on file.

    This thread is not for arguing, had enough of people disagreeing over things on these forums that's why this thread exists.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Yoshira said:

    There is?  I'll take a look next time I'm in game.  Thanks for mentioning it.

    Deleted from OP post. 

    7 minutes ago, Ghrim said:

    Master Founder items shouldn't be a 1 time use. I didn't spend 125 just to get the weapon skin on ONE character. I thought I would've been able to claim the appropriate weapon skin on any character I made. This is how it normally works in other games that have these founder packs and I'm not sure why NCSoft did it like this.

    Same as account bound items.

    11 minutes ago, Cyradus said:

    I am not sure if you have it in your list, but I run a guild with 60 people in it...and I would like a column in the Clan Window for "Last Online". This will help us remove inactive players and make room for new members...since the cap is so low on members in a clan.


    I would also like the ability to have more than one "advisor" and perhaps the ability to change clan rank names.


    One other random thing that I would LOVE to see, and have seen a few other people request is the ability to darken the background of the quest tracker window. Sometimes it is near impossible to read the font in that window...I have even tried to hover the window over a darker part of the map to read the


    Mostly QoL stuff, but id like it added to the list.




  8. 1 minute ago, 2501 said:


    I won't address all of the points:


    - Account-bound items: Wanted, but will probably never happen, since it's already been calculated into expected revenue/profits (investor issue).

    - Less bans: You already do get an email, with a verification code and IP address. Use that to file a support request. If you believe someone logged in using that, you have bigger issue like your PC/email being compromised.

    - VPN: Simply no. VPN does not improve ping. It only appears that way. It is in fact the cause of the connection issues, since server times out waiting for a packet to be routed from you to VPN to server, which never arrives in time. You're most likely in South America, or Australia, which have ping/connection issues in every game, not just BnS. VPN won't solve that, it will make it worse. It's also used by exploiters. There is absolutely no reason you would need a VPN to play this or any game.

    - Ping: I observed no ping variations during the day/night. This is a routing/congestion issue most like due to your location being South America or Australia. The infrastructure routers in Miami/San Francisco (depending), and you physical location are to blame.

    - PvP Escape: If you can switch channels without waiting 15-30 seconds while wearing a PvP uniform, that indeed needs a fix. No idea, haven't tested.

    - Random things in PvP: see above, lag, location, etc...

    - Dungeon Vote-kick: Not required. Report function for 'leeching/afk'. Resulting in a ban for several days.

    - Cash shop items with gold: Not going to happen. Bots, investors, revenue/profit: See above.

    - Tradable Purples: Won't happen. This has also been calculated into revenue/profit.

    - Inventory Space: Same as above, already calculated into profit margins. None of these things will be changed, most likely.


    The starting post is for the B&S team to read and decide what will happen sorry.