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  1. Thank you so much I have been working on this for hours now, my fingers are dying from typing haha
  2. Is the last part a new problem? sorry confused. Added the first one. Added Some have reported strong vpn issues.
  3. UPDATE: The GM has told me that they are not in charge of the game and are doing the best they can to solve these issues we have to be patient while they try to pass this information to the development team in charge of the game. This information will be attempted to be passed on.
  4. I have contacted NCSoft in hope they will look at this thread and help. Let's be hopeful guys and keep those issues coming, if I go to sleep all will be added right after I wake up.
  5. Adding this right now out of curiosity and a side thing to think about while writing these issues down what server are you on and have you experienced any issues with it? ^^
  6. Can I input this issue into a general thread I made?
  7. A question about servers

    I just jointed this game and wanted to know 1. What is the most active server currently? Has the most players and activity. It sounds like many play on Poharan and Mushin so if these are two of the most active servers, I would be grateful if someone could accept me into their guild I love playing with others.
  8. A question about servers

  9. cash items not tradable?fix this crap ncsoft

    1. League of Legends is a MOBA and this is not, and you finding it better is purely your own opinion. 2. Yes as I said before they should use the same system as FFXIV does. I am neutral about the company and game on one side I feel people are overreacting and the staff are running around working off their asses and we need one thing: Patience. I also do agree that we have to make threads to do these issues but not in the style of ''NCSOFT U GOING DOWN AND LOL WILL BEAT YOU'' NCSoft won't care for these threads since they aren't well written and their point is not given across well. Please calm down.
  10. Banned for no reason.

    This is becoming a huge issue lately. I been playing Tera with my friend and he logged into my account we didn't get banned because the staff said ''We don't mind if your friend logs into your account but we mind if you sell accounts'' he lives in another country. Now we have NCSoft who doesn't understand this is more common right now and that we should be allowed to share accounts with friends, family etc. A wife and husband trust eachother for a reason and I am sure they aren't selling accounts to each other and so on... really don't do this NCSoft.
  11. A question about servers

    I don't really know Korean xD I do want to try the game I am sure there is still an active server that people are on and would be willing to accept me into their clan (hopefully) I am on Crimson League Faction, plan to be.
  12. As much as you are working on the game this isn't going well with these paid items I looked into your store things etc. I know this game from Korea and been waiting for it to be released but forgot about it anyhow, look at FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. You can purchase additional content like outfits and they are for all characters once you create a character a duplicate of all the items you have paid for are sent to you. This is a good system because it awknowladges the fact that someone has paid for the costumes and also this makes you want to buy more.