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  1. No problem sounds awful.. I didn't even put benefits because I felt it was just obvious.
  2. Would you like this posted in my thread?
  3. Some new screenshots a bit more into the game
  4. These are not my ideas, these are ideas of the community put together and then NCSoft will look at it and decide what they will do. This thread was sent off already. I am also a woman not a boy and I am not a child.
  5. That is not for you to decide, this thread is SPECIALLY made so that the general discussions forum is not flooded with people posting their issues. A GM told me this is also a issue that people have been flooding the general discussion thread. NCSoft would have to look through each idea to make it happen and they will decide what is better for the game and if they like anything on the list.
  6. NOTE: If your issue was not posted please tell me and be patient I am not a machine. I experience some issues with the forums sometimes and before it died when I pressed save thread and I had to use a backup which could have messed up.
  7. Thanks I doubt we will get a response from them here. I did do a backup of the thread incase they start deleting threads that are for help section, I will put it there.
  8. Everything has been added for some reason I cannot use the bold option on the forums anymore. I highlighted the text through hopefully it is easy to read.
  9. It is in Features that can be added. This thread is not for arguing, had enough of people disagreeing over things on these forums that's why this thread exists.
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