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    lol im not scouring the forums for the post written by an ncsoft employee. It was stated shortly after launch day. Do your own homework. it's not bannable.

    NCsoft has publicly stated that WTFast is NOT bannable. They just don't support it.
  3. I am banned and need help

    This wont matter, The only way to appeal a ban is to appeal it directly to . They have already investigated and closed the case, They will no longer bother with it no matter how many tweets or forum posts are made. Speaking of that, The forums is not a place to appeal a ban. OP is out of luck. His only two choices now are make/use a new account and don't repeat whatever got him banned. or quit the game and play something else.
  4. I am banned and need help

    Were you using macros? What they mean by that wording is they checked to see if any one else logged into your account from a different IP. They found that noone else did so attributed the behavior to you.
  5. I am banned and need help

    What did you do? What was their reasoning for your ban?
  6. I don't understand why they consider macro usage bannable. Plenty of games allow macro usage. But yea apparently if their anti cheat system detects macro use you can get banned.
  7. Hacked

    yea i dont know what he means "they took it off" it has been working fine for me..
  8. Nice ''optimization patch'' luls

    I'm pretty sure they meant optimization as in UI not graphics...
  9. Nice ''optimization patch'' luls

    Should've gone with Nvidia..
  10. Maybe he should get a night job then since he feels that the NA team should work long hours into the night so they can do maintenance whe it's convenient for the EUS. Hear that? It's my lack of ****s to give.
  11. This sort of whining is stupid. The people who are running maintenance are normal people who work days and get paid by the hour then go home to their families. You expect them to work super long hours or work nights so they can run maintenance when it's convenient for you? Most people in NA are at work. Maybe you should get a job .
  12. Enforced PvP not attractive.

    I never realized this game is pvp focused. I am glad it is.
  13. So.. you're complaining about lack of queue? Interesting.. My server seems to be doing fine. IDK
  14. Plz god no more... my ears can't take it

    ^ This is what I do now when I'm waiting for crafting to finish
  15. Just a thought but perhaps you guys should adjust the website settings so even if you get banned from blade and soul youll still be able to log in to your account on the webpage and submit tickets instead of just completely banning a user and slamming the door in their face. Just a thought.
  16. Will you quit B&S IF

    People do enjoy dressing up their barbies
  17. How to buy Ncoin with steam?

    Is this game even on steam?
  18. I think it should be increased but not removed entirely. It has it's purpose.
  19. I agree with most of this. The clan interface leaves much to be desired. I had someone donate a bunch of faction insignias but have no idea who. And the advisor thing being limited to one person is also lame The notice board is severely limited in max characters. They need to expand this so I can put more useful info in my clan notice board. As it is i barely have room to put ts3 info and a small slogan.

    Gamblers remorse. lol You can't fault the casino because you gambled and lost. The costume is UGLY anyway.