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  1. As someone who's played Blade Dancer since the start and as someone currently very highly geared, the bit about BD underperforming is one of a couple of reasons. BD at base, *especially* if you're playing wind, will feel underwhelming because you need certain badges and need to know how to keep your rotation going, and if you only got to lv. 40 you don't even have all your skills unlocked, let alone the items and equipment you need to make the class perform. Third spec BD has exceptional dps right now, but you wouldn't have known that at Lv. 40. BD also has rotations you need to maintain on th
  2. Thank you very much, Hime! That was a pretty fast response. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  3. Hello. I'd just like to ask if the previous tier of souls will now be tradable due to the new tier coming out (usually, that is the case) and if so, what the revealing cost for trading purposes is.
  4. (For clarity, "tradable" in this context is between players, not just between alts) Would be nice if you would make the current highest soul tier (the one with Thunderflux) tradable. Tradability application is usually one soul update behind but it's been a while now. Additionally, would be nice if tradability in general wasn't restricted to only "True" stages.
  5. Sad to hear you'll be leaving. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
  6. In addition to the earlier point, I'd like to point out that the Heart line of upgrades takes an extraordinary amount of Sacred Crystals and Soulstones. This "rebalance" is not only drastically increasing the cost of maxing a TT accessory, but also placing greater strain on the other materials needed in the largest quantity, especially after the other accessories are altered. All things considered, there's no reason at all this should be done to TT accessories.
  7. Agreed; please see the seperate forum post on this topic.
  8. I was going to post something similar myself. A "rebalance" should not be a dramatic cost increase. Elysians are probably the most commonly stocked material simply because so much less of them are needed. Your change to the sacred crystals alone has already outdone the costs saved by the other material reductions. If you want to effectively rebalance costs and not just cause a significant price hike, you should decrease the amount of moonstones required as was done for the necklace. If you want to keep the overall cost relatively the same, you've put far too many ss and s
  9. I'm glad that you found them useful! Thanks for taking the time to say thank you. ^_^
  10. Just posting here to to give a heads-up in case people don't often check the Dungeons section, but there are preemptive guides on the new content there at the moment, in case people want to know how to do them and don't already know/looked it up.
  11. I've uploaded some guides for the new content coming out on 12/6/2017 in the Dungeons section. Should I also duplicate the post here in General Discussion?
  12. I've written a couple of guides for the new dungeons. They have gifs for attacks and such. I'm working on adding gifs to an Outlaw Island guide as well. I can also update to provide a version without gifs and just the text if desired; sometimes loading the gifs can take a while. These may also be edited later to update names/other information. I can be reached on Discord, Dreamslayer#9122, with any questions. I'm also Dreamslayer, the Blade Dancer, on Yura server. Hollow's Heart (Gif version): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vFcckNkU5zfKtUDp-XTrc
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