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  1. I'm glad that you found them useful! Thanks for taking the time to say thank you. ^_^
  2. 12/6/17 new dungeon guides

    Just posting here to to give a heads-up in case people don't often check the Dungeons section, but there are preemptive guides on the new content there at the moment, in case people want to know how to do them and don't already know/looked it up.
  3. Helpful Blade & Soul Community Sites

    I've uploaded some guides for the new content coming out on 12/6/2017 in the Dungeons section. Should I also duplicate the post here in General Discussion?
  4. I've written a couple of guides for the new dungeons. They have gifs for attacks and such. I'm working on adding gifs to an Outlaw Island guide as well. I can also update to provide a version without gifs and just the text if desired; sometimes loading the gifs can take a while. These may also be edited later to update names/other information. I can be reached on Discord, Dreamslayer#9122, with any questions. I'm also Dreamslayer, the Blade Dancer, on Yura server. Hollow's Heart (Gif version): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vFcckNkU5zfKtUDp-XTrcuBG7tpkNk0wxY7WTtNiJ6s/edit?usp=sharing Starstone Mines(Gif version): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K6EC4TM1n58QrapphLsSqJub_b_Z-P9LkG77pTwlnbA/edit?usp=sharing Outlaw's Island(Gif version): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XTxJfy_7bwFN-wyjbRkFt6njCTEarCDlWK3La_7_PQ8/edit?usp=sharing I hope you find these helpful.