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  1. Warlock currently in Korea is unbalanced atm I wished the devs actually balanced the class instead of butchering it but I guess they didn't have enough time a decided to do a nerf-to-the-ground and buff it later in order to stop the warlock meta, but we have to deal with is this mess until they actually give the class a proper balance patch. Also Force master will always be the highest dps range class, heck they have one of the hardest hitting skills in the entire game once lvl 50 is released so comparing it to warlock seems a bit farfetched.
  2. What is this an oxymoron? RNG and effort don't go hand and hand.
  3. Warlocks are okay for now, but when lvl 50 patch comes withg hongmoon skills warlocks are effed....mostly in pvp but still strong in pve.
  4. This lol, this game has massive open world areas, a fleshed out story, quest, dungeons, tower mode, and gear. Those things wouldn't matter in a pvp oriented game and it doesn't make since that a pve material like soulstone is mainly acquired through pvp when pvper's don't need soulstones, come on what were they thinking! We just need more pve options to get soulstones that's all we want.
  5. To play with others duh, upgrading gear is catered to PVE cause gear doesn't matter in arena pvp so I don't understand why it's almost required to faction pvp which is a pain in the ass in it's own right, so far I've gone 3 days without doing BW cause the opposite faction keeps creaming us so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place getting soulstones regardless what I do atm.
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