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  1. Warlock currently in Korea is unbalanced atm I wished the devs actually balanced the class instead of butchering it but I guess they didn't have enough time a decided to do a nerf-to-the-ground and buff it later in order to stop the warlock meta, but we have to deal with is this mess until they actually give the class a proper balance patch. Also Force master will always be the highest dps range class, heck they have one of the hardest hitting skills in the entire game once lvl 50 is released so comparing it to warlock seems a bit farfetched.
  2. What is this an oxymoron? RNG and effort don't go hand and hand.
  3. Warlocks are okay for now, but when lvl 50 patch comes withg hongmoon skills warlocks are effed....mostly in pvp but still strong in pve.
  4. Following you while invisible is possible if you pay close attention but no player is that perfect, bots are known to auto follow you weather or not you're invisible to no end, and the constant tab stun breaks is not possible due to cooldowns and it's a bot or a hacker.
  5. Wrong, what if you want the item but get tricked into paying more than you want for it, those who aren't knowledgeable about the items can easily get scammed.
  6. This lol, this game has massive open world areas, a fleshed out story, quest, dungeons, tower mode, and gear. Those things wouldn't matter in a pvp oriented game and it doesn't make since that a pve material like soulstone is mainly acquired through pvp when pvper's don't need soulstones, come on what were they thinking! We just need more pve options to get soulstones that's all we want.
  7. This is bullshit I wanted this outfit for a long time and I can't spend hundred of dollars to get it(I don't have the money), I guess my dream of having a divine looking blademaster will never come true <insert crying gif>
  8. To play with others duh, upgrading gear is catered to PVE cause gear doesn't matter in arena pvp so I don't understand why it's almost required to faction pvp which is a pain in the ass in it's own right, so far I've gone 3 days without doing BW cause the opposite faction keeps creaming us so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place getting soulstones regardless what I do atm.
  9. Not soon enough! Agreed Blade and Soul is one of the few mmos whose lore I'm actually into, and it's like reading an good book, I must have more.
  10. The only thing we can do is ignore them and only reply to those that have something constructive to say, you know the part of the community that has a brain.
  11. That's true for now, but in the future this won't be the case( I talking about the Qi Master class). And as a force master main we have access to a crap ton of cc skills(like freeze), a shield that blocks projectiles, and a parry(if speced), and massive heal which helps with our survivability. I don't play summoner or plan on making one but what's the point of this class if only half of it is working properly.
  12. And we suffer for it cause now all ncsoft will do is release all new costume and items in rng boxes, I never gamble and prefer to buy something outright. I want to give you my money ncsoft but you don't want it so I'll spend it somewhere else like DFO atleast I can buy all cosmetics directly from the cash shop , btw you can't survive on whales alone and you know that so STOP with the rng boxes.
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