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  1. New Bloodshade Harbour Scroll Thingies

    Ohhh Nicee, Hmm on the sidenote, does anyone actually know how it effects Esport tho? Just curious, As it feels still a tad unbalanced if one player can spec into one, and the other cant Yes very true, but its like I said :D But yes very true ;) But atm its kinda ridiculous, I also did some maths on MTS's and was not pretty either xD man if only I convert Ncoin to real life money :D
  2. Okay so while looking at currency exchange I also saw that the scroll thingies cost well for the Lightning draw, 300-400g Now assuming my maths is correct, and the ratio stays at 1:60ish (currently). So 350gx60Ncoin=21000 Ncoin Now for us British folk, its £1=100Ncoin So, 21000/100 = £210. Now I dont want to be the stupid here, but ugh The scroll things can offer you an advantage in PvP still. Now I know P2W means you CAN'T earn it via playing, and gives you an advantage over F2P players. But £210 worth for something that could boost your rank in Competitions. Idk...seems a little off putting. IMO I dont think These Special Scroll Skills should be aloud. Like I'm all on the thinking A fresh Lvl 45 BM should be able to compete with another Lvl 45 BM With the scroll should be equal, but the scrolls do offer such a good advantage IMO. But hey I dont know how it works in tournaments, do they give every one the special skills? or Disable them for all? have equal amount of Skill points? Ive never seen a BnS Tournament Tbh. Anyway feel free to leave your Opinion :) P.s I also know the skill books are new to the Market so the price may drob significantly from the start. :) But this is my opinion at the current state :)
  3. I know they have said on stream, that they have to wait for the devs to create it,as its not in any other version, but it shouldn't take much work right? maybe I'm wrong, but either way is their an ETA like maybe Summer? The reason I ask is well I've kinda switched my main, and now I have to regrind certain outfits *stares at Obsidian serpent* its really tedious knowing you already grinded it, and yet dont have access to it, due to account transfer not being available. but feel free to discuss below when you feel it will come, and also feel free to give any info on the ETA I would <3 you so much ^.^ :D Edit: I also heard you can only transfer cash shop items D:
  4. Warlock Soulburn outfit

    Ummm can we make it an actual cosmetic item, I know in some versions you can get the wings, but I'm not sure about the outfit tho. But... Can we :3
  5. Oh Delete this thread, there seems to be another one 0.o My bad ;-;
  6. Unchained Maintenance Time

    Well roughly 4 hours
  7. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    Sure that's exactly what i said.... even tho I've stated, I've not preformed it -.- Either way I give up with the way half the people degrade people in this thread, judging everyone by their own accumulative knowledge, or sensing someone's moral compass is as good as theirs. Open your eyes one day, and realise, you're just as Sh*t as someone that may exploit. because you're the people on the internet that insult, because you're *big* kids Maybe get off your high horse one day.
  8. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    Hmmm too bad , cause like I said above, I dont preform such manoeuvres
  9. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    I'm not defending him as much for finding his reasons, merely trying to say you're just shouting abuse at him for a mistake me made, oh someone took weed once in there life oh no he's a terrible person... Sure, insult me, and no, not until you learn that abusing someone is wrong, he may have got what was deserved, but saying it adds nothing to the discussion, as for me, I'd like to know how many times he did it, and why, to see where there threshold is.
  10. scummoner

    maybe there's a reason people use "scummoner" Also It states it somewhere about how good he was/is
  11. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    No but trying to not just sh*t on someone because you know nothing about him is. you dont know how many times he did it, or why he did it.
  12. scummoner

    And if you read the OP post, and when to the thing he was referring from.... its about PVP
  13. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    Ohh actually.... "True," close though, now stop try and correcting people and go do sth productive -.- Oh and sorry...if you read it now, I hope it pleases your eyes...
  14. scummoner

    Then why are you complaing about the hate when you dont know what its like to feel the pain when you go against them?