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  1. 2100+ KFM that still can't get 3rf down

    I have no clue why some people are routed in such a way and not others, and it seems that NCsoft doesnt know either. unfortunately NCsoft have said it's nothing to do with them (which is technically correct). The only way to reduce the amount of hops you do through routers is to use 3rd party ping-enhacing programs, some people can avoid telia servers completely in this manner but some people will still hit a couple like i do. i can get my ping down to about 150ms as a result, but that is still pretty bad for KFM.
  2. 2100+ KFM that still can't get 3rf down

    Consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Check out this thread from the arena forums: When checking my latency i can see this is indeed the case for myself as well. I get about 20-30ms in openworld areas, and between 250-300ms when participating in any cross-server activity (Dungeons and PVP arena). The general consensus is that the problem lies with packets being routed through when trying to connect NC servers. Telia has been known to lose many data packets which result in this problem. This can be confirmed here.
  3. 2100+ KFM that still can't get 3rf down

    Are you playing from EU? If So here's the thing, you can practice 3rf all you want in open world, but it doesn't translate that well in arenas. Why? Because as your latency in open world will be about a quarter of what your arena latency will be. I can perform perfect 3rf combos on the junghado dummy and cc necklace. at mushins, but can I do the same thing in arena? Hello no! Even using WTFast my latency doesn't allow me to cancel the animation in time, so I sit through the whole animation regardless of knowing how to do it. Since that is the case, I've resigned the fact that my best option is just to do 3f instead. Not as good as 3rf but still pretty decent. if you're playing from NA or somehow bypassing the arena latency bullshit, then the tips the others have given here will serve you well.

    NCSoft has been unbanning players that have been flagged for using WTFast. Perform some research before you start spreading misinformation and scaremongering.
  5. IF you want Change in BNS, Boycott the game!!!

    That's right, call for a boycott of the game on the forums (which only ~4% of any game's population will read) for "problems" that will not get fixed.
  6. Dealing with the big arse gauntlets?

    I've never considered wearing gauntlets on my arse, let alone big ones. Then again, it might help us when facing against assassins..
  7. KFM grapple bug

    I've not experienced any bug with this grapple heal thus far. The heal does not work with Meteor slam, as you put the target into a grappled state with "Meteor slam" and not "Grapple", thus not getting the skill bonus.
  8. Junghado Gear Check

    The 4 gems i use, which i believe to be the most beneficial from a pve standpoint is: Attack power Diamond Additional damage Ruby Extra damage on stunned & knocked down target Citrine, Life leech on crit Amythest. I'm thinking of switching out the citrine for the cc immunity peridot instead. If you cannot afford for a good quality attack power diamond, i'd recommend an evasion diamond instead since they are so cheap. As for stats for F7, you just want to aim for as much crit as you can on your SoulShield as you can, which means either 5piece BSH, 3piece Endless, or 5piece Endless, 3piece BSH. after you've got about 40%+ crit chance and 350ish AP, it's going to be down to combo's and avoiding Junghado's stunlocks. These stats are pulled fresh out from my ass, and are based purely off of personal experience.
  9. Tank spec sucks

    "Speccing" into tanking is as little as spending at least 1 point in guiding fist, and ideally spending points to get the threat-increasing tremor skill. not exactly an investment that comes at the expense of doing damage, quite the contrary. People dont seem to realise why there are threat generating skills in this game. In most other MMO's, you need a tank in order to mitigate the damage because other classes have no sustainable way to avoid getting beaten into a pulp. This is not strictly true for B&S, as everyone should be able to manage getting hit by a boss's auto attack (they arent meant to do alot of damage) and then use movement skills to move out of cleave/aoe attacks. In this instance, a group doesn't "need" a tank. The reason why we (and BM's) have threat generation skills is simply because we have skills that rely on us countering an attack for us to be able to use some skills. it is in this situation where we want to "tank", not to protect others from taking hits but instead it benefits us to be the one that the boss swings at. It allows us to activate searing palm on successful Q/E/SS, it gives us immunity to several hits and heals us after using said Q/E/SS, it allows us to keep the boss still so we can hit it easier and (less importantly) allows us to use iron shoulder, avenging fist and triple kick. it's only a by-product that the other classes can sit there and unload combos in somewhat relative safety. As such, it is in your best interest to have the boss's aggro if you are looking to get the most out of KFM.
  10. Low level KFM skill point distribution question

    You should try and practice 3rf while leveling, as it will help you alot for when you do hit 45. You will only really be able to practice it when questing, since you will only have few oppertunites to stun champions and bosses for the combo to work. Otherwise, i'd recommend the much simpler 2RF combo for running dungeons, With a build like this. The idea is you open with guiding fist to give yourself the threat generation buff, then basically alternate between LMB and 2 (straight jab and tiger strike), and press F (searing blow) whenever it procs. Others will say that they prefer the single target cyclone kick instead of searing blow, but tbh when you are leveling you wont have a reliably high crit chance to keep up your focus with LMB, so Searing blow gives you alot of focus back when it happens. Swap out tiger strike with swift strike if you arent getting hit alot and dont need the heal, as the cost of tigerstrike is 3 focus vs the 2 focus of swift strike. Tremor in my link is specced for trash leading up to a boss, swap out T4F2 for T4F3 for when fighting bosses. Pop fighting spirit during boss fights for a nice party-wide damage boost. there was 1 point spare so i put it in second wind, so you can recover if you mess up a boss attack. For questing, it boils down to if you want to focus things down one at a time or if you are comfortable rounding up mobs and aoe'ing them down (which will depend on if you have the gear to survive the rounding up process). So instead, here is a spec you can use for practicing 3rf here. This gives you a bunch of stuns to work off of and practice the combo. It also has 2 points in smite, which is primarily there to punish you if you try and spam the buttons rather than press them in order (Credit to Laguna for teaching me that one). Edit: Just to clarify, this is based off of a levle 36ish point of view. if you are lower level than this, then remove points that arent fully necessary to your main rotation, such as fighting spirit and tremour.
  11. REALLY picky players

    BSH is our current "endgame" content. The bosses have alot of health and some are on short enrage timers and need to be taken down quick, which means you are expected to put in your fair share of DPS. Shit equipment is indicative that you cannot pull your own weight. Not an accurate reflection, but indicative. People can play well with bad equipment, yes, but they are the exceptions rather than the rule.
  12. Tanking: How Does It Work?

    Guiding Fist is all I've needed to hold threat, trivialising the need for the one that's on our counter. It's 1 point for 15 seconds of 150% increased threat, and that's on a 9 second cooldown. The ability has a very fast animation and there is no reason you wouldn't be able to keep the buff up at all times. Just so you know, the threat buff provided by counter and guiding fist do not stack so taking both is pointless, unless you really want the 1-hit immunity from counter underneath the threat-buff point. If you're only looking to group with your friends then the counter-based Threat buff should be fine, but if you're pugging then people wont wait for you to counter the boss before your FM goes apeshit on the boss. Its never fun trying to get back threat on a boss thats being kited around the room by ranged players, so guiding fist guarentees you can at least get the threat buff on.
  13. KFM 3RF

    You're not going to do a done of damage in the space of a stun. You're going to do a ton of damage over a series of chain-stunning.
  14. Why all of the mmorpg today is easy easy ?

    As the person above me said; Player retention. MMORPGs rely on having a community, and the best way to do that is to cast your "demographic net" as far and as wide as possible.
  15. Damage Counter

    Fair enough, i wasnt aware that stacking debuffs could be consumbed by anyone, though this should not be a reason why we dont get one. In all honesty, i'm not personally interestd in who is doing the most damage in a given fight, only how well i'm managing my combo's and which combo's are the most efficient etc. Being able to see this information on a training dummy would still be relevant. Classes that rely on generating/consuming stacks in their rotations won't be getting reliable damage in a dungeon or raid fight, granted, but they can still work on their builds when training. Still, so long as the boss goes down in a timely fashion it doesnt matter who consumed the stacks and gets the bigger number at the end. I'd like to think that people who do endgame content will be mature enough to not *cricket* over who "used the stack". That's for clan management to sort out i guess. And hey, it could also encourage for more diverseness in classes and builds.