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  1. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    I personally want to thank NCS for saving me money. Now premium isn't worth my subscription I can finally cancel and not really notice that much difference to my game play. After 2 years of being subscribed this is a breath of fresh air.
  2. New Costumes / December 1 Hongmoon Store

    Genuinely please pass on my thanks to whoever is making these choices and saving me money leading up to Christmas!
  3. game will be sold?

    Yea he landed in water, whats so hard to believe about that? /facepalm
  4. Name Change Voucher

    I got the info from NCS support when I swapped 2 names between 2 chars back in July. OP didnt say he was deleting anything, he said changing names. There may not be a 24hr cool down on deleted names but I can pretty much guarantee there is if you make a swap as per NCS reply below... Hello there, I have checked our records and found that the name JessicaJane has not been taken by a player but instead it got lockout by the System. The name JessicaJane will remain in lockout until 24 hours and this is an intended game mechanic. Do note that we are unable to bypass this lockout. Please update this ticket after 24 hours from the time you changed your Force Master's name so that we can properly assist. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, GM Andrew NCSOFT Support Team
  5. Name Change Voucher

    Your old name will be locked out for only 24 hours, not 1 year.
  6. AFK epidemic

    tbh if I was a leech I would be more bored standing in a dungeon doing nothing, staring a wall, moving to the next area to stare at another wall to get credit, rinse and repeat until the end. I would rather kill something or do something no matter how easy it is. I know some dungeons you can just properly AFK at the entrance and still get credit though. I don't even see the logic of playing a game if you don't do anything while logged in. A vast majority of dungeons I enter have at least 1 leech or afk so I fully support the devs doing something about this.
  7. I am looking for the samurai sword skin.

    You could try the cold iron sword (misty woods or basic) or the stone sword. It kinda has that samurai sword look and maybe your best option for now.
  8. I rarely bother to post anything on this forum but on this occasion thanks to NCS is in order. Totally unexpected and very much appreciated.
  9. Legendary gem socket mechanics

    From memory my upgrades went as follows. Stage 1 - 3 sockets Stage 2 - 3 sockets Stage 3 - 3 sockets Stage 4 - 3 sockets (purchased hammers to get 6 sockets at this stage because at the time it was going to take a while to upgrade and i had gems waiting which I wanted to use) -Then some time later more info appeared that made me decide to swap using the mirror which I did- Stage 5 - back to 3 sockets Stage 6 - 3 sockets (more hammers purchased to get back up to 6 sockets again) So I think when you use the mirror you have a chance to roll sockets equivalent to stage 1.
  10. Why duelist bundle it's only for Ncoins!?!

    f2p user - create amazon account for free (no CC required just to set up i think could be wrong though but worth a try) f2p user - search ncoin in amazon and add the 1600ncoin card to your wish list (its a code i believe so no postal details needed) f2p user - find cc user who is willing to gift you the card through amazon (similar to Risky Business gift only costume, but through amazon instead) and send the cc user your wish list ftp user - give gold to cc person who will gift, and has or can create an amazon acc, and plays bns cc user - gifts ncoin card to f2p user via amazon f2p user - takes code applies to account and gets ncoin and buys bundle Hope that helps
  11. New Player Seeking Wisdom Part 2

    If I remember correctly you will need to farm it at some point to get the break through items for your accessories, or farm the warrior tokens to buy the items from the NPC (200 tokens for each item and I think you need all 4 so belt ring bracelet and neck). From memory all the items dropped before I was able to get 200 tokens although I think the ring only drops from Junghado and in all the 100s of times I've killed him I've never seen the ring drop once, and I only got a couple of 30 token pouches so as a low AP new char it took me a while repeating the dungeon to get enough tokens to buy the ring. On the plus side you can buy the tokens in the shop if you have ncoins or sell gold for HM coins.
  12. will a clan know if you left?

    The number of members will go down also and then people will start looking for who left. Or in Luna's case she takes her broom and beats people out of clan during prime time lol /please
  13. im done with bns

    Same thing happens to me (EU based). After lunch I will DC around 10 to 20 times each day until I log out in the evening. I've tried pretty much everything imaginable and the only thing I found that worked was using a VPN to connect via Denmark.