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  1. Your In-Game F2 character Profile Image!

    Ahh I'm flattered but I'm not taking requests/commissions at the moment, sorry... x'D Maybe in the future, when I'm not as busy hahaha.
  2. Your In-Game F2 character Profile Image!

    Thank you very much! I did draw it. >u<
  3. I didn't use the exploit myself, but it sounds like it was so commonly used (and even supported/encouraged by actual players), it would've be nice to have in-game announcements warning players about this specific glitch being punishable instead of just announcing it on a stream. I mean... I'm not the only one who doesn't watch those, right? xD
  4. LF Gif Creator

    You may want to look into getting GifCam to make gifs. Once you have your gif, you can resize/crop/optimize it here, unless you already have editing software.

    Height comparison (vs. 'standard'(?) female Lyn): Can't wait to kick some butt with this tiny hairball. >:D
  6. Some of the enemy lines put too much emphasis in places that don't sound natural, so I get a laugh here and there over the awkwardness. I don't mind it enough to go out of my way to mod the voices, but some people are just more sensitive about that kind of thing.
  7. Can we get some male cat outfits

    The cats are all pretty feminine in their introductions. At least, that's what a friend pointed out to me (since I kinda skipped the dialogue in that area >.>"). Kinda in a similar situation as you, because I named my cat after a male friend of mine, lol. Thought about decking my cat out in a girly outfit for laughs, but I decided to show some mercy and get this one, since it was the "coolest" outfit, imo. Here are more cat outfits on that site, but yeah... Hopefully there will be more options later on.
  8. Hot Potato with Crimson Legion :D

    Now this is the quality content I signed up for.
  9. I was somehow lucky enough to end up in parties that didn't use this exploit, lol. @.@" But I recall someone saying that this glitch is a thing in the Asian servers that never got fixed, thus they assumed that abusing the glitch was fair game. Iff that is the case, it's kinda unfair to spring this so... suddenly? >_<" But I guess that depends on how severe the punishment(s) are going to be.
  10. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    WIP of my Summoner! Been working on this on/off for a while (mostly during my breaks on-campus)... Hopefully I'll finish it soon, hahaha. </3 UPDATE: am done
  11. MOUNTS

    How many souls do I have to sacrifice for a Lycan mount? ◔ ‿ ◔
  12. Bid Scamming Awareness

    I can understand people doing this to total strangers, but to a fellow guildmate...?? O.o" That's effed up, man. Sorry for your loss. Oh, I misread. I thought they were in the same guild as you. Still, that doesn't make things any better.
  13. Ah ok. I saw mentions of it being cross-server in the forums now and then, so I was never really sure lol. ):
  14. Wow I didn't think I'd see the day where pvp would turn into pve. XD + Player market is cross-server, isn't it?