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  1. You can freely express your opinion. It's your right. What comes to thread that has been changed, I only adjusted the tittle. Nothing more. The other content is and has stayed the same. From the get go, I have only spoken about one single thing. The fact that Blade and Soul has a plenty of pre-existing cosmetic items, both costumes and hairstyles, sunglasses, helmets, and other additions that could be made available with minimal effort to be used by both genders, and thus would satisfy the needs of two minor customer groups.
  2. I did read your post and drew my conclusions on your tone, the same way you did from my original tittle attempt. However, this thread is intended to be about constructive criticism. Also, while you claim that only thing NSOFT is doing for US / EU version is localization, that is not quite true. In addition to the translation, some of the Blade & Soul quest lines have been adjusted / entirely rewritten to be better suited for western audiences. For example discussed here: In addition to that, I am assuming we have gotten few costumes that Korea, Japan and China don't have, eg. the fa
  3. The androgynous looks would be awesome, yes. To be able to make "effeminate" looking male characters, or tough female characters. Not only in costumes, this would give nice options for other cosmetic accessories. How about having more long hair options for males? Short hair for gals? Removing the gender lock would bring plenty of options for customizing the characters!
  4. So basically you are saying, it has been always like this and it suits your needs, so it's out of question to consider, even in small scale? Like you, I have played MMO games for last 8 years. I have plenty of experience from WoW, ESO, Rift and Tera. I am well aware that in mmo industry, the needs of the large scale target audience guides the majority of content. However, what I am now suggesting (in light of the development team's choise to give the Dark Angel / My Angle costume in cash store) that if they were to make similar choises, two of the minor dissatisfied user groups wou
  5. Just to add my two cents on the widely spread "sexy" costume debate from the other side of the coin. I play with male characters. However, I am also quite frustrated about the costumes - because outside of male gon, male costumes are very conservative. The costumes often have long coats or baggy pants to cover thighs / buttocks. If something is showing, it's arms / or in few rare cases the abs. I would really, really love to have more sexy / cute variety for male characters. (and yes, before anyone mentions it - I have "my angel" for my jin. It's awesome costume.) However, if there
  6. My Jin male Blade Master. I like how short he is. ^^
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