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  1. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Updated team names, progression and recruitment, removed 1 BT run and updated loot distribution section.
  2. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Rewrote recruitment post, lot of information changed.
  3. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Hey, At this moment we are looking for a more geared summoner for one of our teams. Also as seeing you are GMT+8 (assuming you can make the raid times) means that you also have a high ping that will have a native impact on your performance. Thanks for your interest and we wish you good luck with finding a good clan!
  4. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Updated recruitment information, we are looking only for a warlock and summoner to secure our progression VT/SK raid team. Also updated the raiding times.
  5. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Accepted as social for now.
  6. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Hey, could you whisper me or an other clan leader ingame for a chat.
  7. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Spoke to Christensen ingame, joined as social for now.
  8. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Updated recruitment post, we are currently looking for any class except FM and Gun, (especially experienced BM tank, summoner and warlock).
  9. finding a serious guild to run/practise raids with

    Hey, What call do you play?
  10. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Updated recruitment post. Still looking for an experienced BM tank and summoner.
  11. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Server is back up again.
  12. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Hey Riven, Yea our server is down (and it's the only server that is down). Nothing on forums or twitter from NCWest. So let's wait and see what happens.
  13. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Hey Asuramon and glinthalas loethe, Could you both post your in game name and tell a little bit about your B&S (and other MMO) experience? We will look into it and come back to you ingame or in this topic.
  14. Massive DC

    The Jinsoyun server seems to be completely down.
  15. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Hey HackrSSSS, Unfortunately we are full on gunners. With 2 stable main gunners we can't see room to fit an other one in. Thanks for your interest and goodluck with your search for a clan.