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  1. Players abusing the distrubtion methods

    why do they need to do this when you can just group with people on the same server.. oh yeah finding people is easy cause chat isnt spammed all day long. You could also use clan members!.. but you will need to wait for a space or more to come online.. brilliant solutions already exist! why should they fix broken mechanics when such a simple and easy fix is already freely available.
  2. Gold Spam STILL Flooding Chat

    then get to cap finally, be outbid on everything or master looter is changed just before end boss and no loot. i have 100% faith in the dev team to fix the problems of this game before people are leaving faster than chat is being spammed LOL
  3. Players abusing the distrubtion methods

    it will get fixed when the game starts hemorrhaging players who get fed up with bullshit fixes.
  4. Players abusing the distrubtion methods

    just play with people you know lol.. clearly this shouldnt be fixed because there is already a stupid work around which just lessens the chances of this happening. or just disable it during combat and add a voting system. i havent seen a votekick yet either.. so i guess when that goes in do this aswell.
  5. so your answer would be use 3rd party software to force them? thats exactly what will get you banned.
  6. we dont even know if he changed the keybinds ingame or FORCED the keybinds using the logitech software. since people are not being banned for using the same software it seems hes either lying, forced keybind changed through 3rd party software or hes one of the 0.00001% who get flagged as a false positive.
  7. i dont think he's lying at all.. but instead of changing the keybind using the options in game he used the logitech software to force keybinds which is whats seen as the issue.
  8. did you change the keybinds through the game or the logitech software?