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  1. How is it unfair if you spent absolutely nothing? It's not like you're exempt from the cost redution..
  2. The thing is, DST normal doesn't actually have an insta kill. It just has an insane DoT on the floor - so basically they ignored it because it didn't fit the criteria to get nerfed on easy mode.
  3. An unscheduled maintenance that quick, wasn't expecting that one. Thanks for patching those bugs so fast, I was honestly expecting fixes to come in the next weekly maintenance :)
  4. Prepare us for Hard Mode? There are LITERALLY only 4 dungeons with Hard Mode. The rest of the dungeons simply got harder with absolutely nothing to prepare for. Why?
  5. While I do agree with you here, this is an issue of precedence. If they’re doing this amount of cash grabbing with unity stones now, imagine what they’ll do with new gear later. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull something like this when we get Pet Gems, and the Ancient Enchant system is coming soon too. I don’t even want to think about what they’ll do then honestly...
  6. I legitimately wouldn’t be surprised if a large number of people quit the game because of it, but they’d all get dragged back for Archer release next month anyway I guess (:
  7. At this point all I can do is laugh. You can buy 30 purple ascension stone chests, 30 purple radiance stone chests and 500k unity every day for a MONTH from f10. And no, you can’t use any of the Hongmoon Coins you’ve saved up. It’s NCoin ONLY! On top of that they removed the badge exchanges they said would be “indefinite” after the awakening patch in March. The new outfit pouch is clearly a goldsink too... Looks like NC needs money but man this is is ridiculous. No wonder they didn’t do a patch preview stream; everyone would have flamed them in the chat imm
  8. Endgame is getting the best gear you possibly can and clearing all of the recent content. There is no solid "requirement" for endgame as your gear progresses even in the endgame stage. Every new dungeon and raid is "harder" (in terms of gear requirements) than the last, meaning you must progress to keep up with new content.
  9. I've heard far too many times over the past week that this event is "designed for whales." That's not true. In fact it's literally not designed for NA/EU at all. Some of you may have realized already that this event came out in Korea last November. NOVEMBER. Korea had already gotten the level 60 raid, ET (or Temple of Succession here). They had access to ET badges and necklaces. Furthermore Korea already had an entire soul and heart path ahead of us upon getting this event. Your average Korean player could easily do this event because they had access to
  10. My game won't even download. The launcher just stops downloading and it stalls at the same number ):
  11. You all added about 2500g+ in material market value for upgrading TT accessories.... Do you hate us or something hello
  12. The game is insanely easy until you reach endgame. Level 50+ content is where people start complaining.
  13. If they were even considering adding 8 gem slots now, they probably would have added it this patch with trove, so more people would trove for gems to put in those slots. They always start a trove event when they KNOW people want certain things. For example, release Warden class, drop a trove event so people can whale out on materials to gear it up.
  14. For anyone that doesn't know Gunslinger pve soul shields cause F2 to break. If you unequip your Gunslinger soul shields, F2 will start working again. This doesn't affect pvp shields as far as I know.
  15. It probably would be best to start over, given that your gear from 2016 will be completely outdated now. Warden is a good pick, yes. Transferring outfits requires Outfit Delivery Stamps which can be purchased in F10, or you can get 20 stamps with each month of premium service you have.
  16. Are you talking about gem slots for your warden's weapon? If you don't get 6 slots just trash your Baleful Weapon - Stage 1 and buy another one for 5 Naryu Silver until you get 6 slots.
  17. EU's server is cloud-based, while NA's is physical. I've personally seen EU players getting as low as 40ms in RAIDS, while I have friends who live in Dallas, TX and still can't reach latency values that low - even in cross-sever. If NA had the same infrastructure as EU, (the cloud), wouldn't that make our connections a little bit less garbage? It's pretty annoying playing on relatively high numbers in comparison to EU.
  18. Any message that contains "Frozen Stinger" in it should jump out to you as a scam anyway. Frozen Stingers were phased out and renamed to Sacred Orbs almost a year and a half ago.
  19. I’m so sorry but Warden is the lamest name you all could have come up with for the Warrior class. Honestly naming it Berserker or leaving it as a roughly translated Warrior would be better in my opinion. It’s only a name, but seeing that single word just killed some of my hype tbh.
  20. You haven't seen anything until you've seen people dropping 40k on raid gear
  21. You have a processor at 2.5 GHz when this game is super processor-heavy. The GPU really doesn't matter that much, so yes your frames are going to be pretty bad.
  22. DoT stacks aren't removed upon re-entering the boss pad after crossing. Self-damage mechanic is broken as stepping on the outside pads does absolutely nothing. The boss is literally unkillable right now, so none of us who wish to practice on Boss 3 can do so at the moment. I haven't seen any other posts about this aside from reddit, so here's one for the forums.
  23. china's weapon system is completely different though, im not sure. but that weapon isnt the official taecheon weapon skin that NA/KR/TW have
  24. those aren't the taecheon weapons. that imgur title is wrong
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