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  1. So what it comes down to is that they really didn't fix any of the bot problems- even the simple ones like channel spam -from the Asia releases. Yup. Called it.
  2. Gold Spam STILL Flooding Chat

    I'm going to rant a little bit here. NCSoft... You expect me to buy NC coins at least once TO SEND MAIL when you can't even control the nonstop wall-to-wall channel spam? I would also like to ignore them, but seeing as you've placed a 50 name hard limit on that feature, I'm SOL there too. Your game is pretty, but the abysmal social experience is killing it for me. From this point forward, all my surveys will reflect your inability to control this spam.
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    He's probably right. I've tried to call up their character profile and they literally don't exist unlike the other spammers who do have character profiles that can be successfully viewed. Please don't let this game become another Archage....