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  1. Dirty Player Names

    Yeah, after all the general IQ of apes that had gathered in this game is so low that even thinking up a decent name is a challenge beyond belief.
  2. Dirty Player Names

    Nah, he brought legit concern to the table unlike you
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Yeah, like NCguys ever give a shit about anything that doesn't get them richer. All of their games have extreme bot problems and they never ever bothered to fix it in any of their games. Fat chance that they will fix BnS bot problem haha.
  4. Dirty Player Names

    Not limited to F2P but most in F2P yes. Anyways there is no cure against being a retard except coffin that i know of.
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Know what's funny? The game is out for like 5 years now and it still has ALL of these problems we got now. Haha.
  6. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Yeah, constantly chanting "gimme yo monneh, gimme yo monneh, gimme yo monneh, gimme yo monneh, gimme yo monneh, gimme yo monneh, gimme yo monneh" Till they finally succeed at brainwashing you and you give them yo monneh.
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    That and error/queue simulator. ^^) PS: Forget about trying to get NCguys to deal with bots, they never did before and never ever will.
  8. After update game doesnt start

    Just wait, it will eventually load but it takes like 2-5 min to do so for some reason...