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  1. The 955% is Bonus Attack Power. The bracelet dosent make that the skill does 955% more damage. This would broken the dps for warden. My first hit with bloodstorm does about 2 - 3 mio. When the skill does 955% more dmg i would do with the first hit 28.650.000 Mio dmg. You see that is dosent work so ^^.

  2. vor 23 Minuten schrieb Youmukon:

    Method 2 will be 1 Dyad Gilded Triangular and 2 Square Gems yes.


    Indeed the new system will not be retroactive. (It will be called "Unity" also).

    But Option 2 will be useless if we need 2 Square Gems. It will be better to salvage our Dyad Triangular Gem and make a new Dyad Square Gem.

    That is what i don't unterstand...

  3. Am 7.3.2019 um 21:13 schrieb Hime:

    Option 2:

    • 4 Hongmoon Gem Fragments
    • 2 Hongmoon Gilded Square Gems
    • 1 Dyad Gilded Triangular Gem
    • 80 Gold


    Will it be really 2 Square Gems?

    I mean that don't make any sense, because it will be better to destroy the Dyad triangular and make a Dyad square out of them.

    If you make it like you read it there it will be cost 848 Gem Powder.   

    So:  3 * 92 + 128 = 404 Gem Powder for 1 Square Gem = 808 for 2 Square Gems + 40 Gem Powder = 848 Gem Powder.

    If you destroy the Dyad Triangular it will cost 688 Gem Powder to make a Dyad Square.
    So: 2 * 92 +128 = 312 Gem Powder for 1 Square Gem = 624 for 2 Square Gems + 256 Gem Powder ( Because you get 256 Gem Powder back when you salvaging a Dyad Triangular )        = 880 Gem Powder - 192 Gem Powder what you get back when you Destroy a Dyad Triangular = 688 Gem Powder.

    So that makes Option 2 absolut garbage.

  4. Good Afternoon,


    i want to ask if it possible to exchange the weaponmaterial to an other.

    Most people hate it that there weaponmaterial don't want to drop.

    So maybe it will by possible to add this to the merchant in the Emperor Tomb.

    For people that are the last person in there raid that don't has her weapons and her materials don't want to drop, will it a good possibility to get there weapons faster.


    Excuse me for my bad English.

    Sincerely yours


  5. vor 1 Stunde schrieb AlyAclmn:

    Are we going to have ''Expired Octagonal/Heptagonal'' for gem powders we spent?

    You get your Gem Powder back. Gilded Triangular = 96 Gem Powder and i think it will be 24 Gem Powder for Octagonal and 6 Gem Powder for Heptagonal. You get 3/4 back from what they transmute costs are in our version. So you spend 128 Gem Powder in transmute for a Gilded Triangular and 3/4 = 96 Gem Powder what you will get back.

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  6. vor 13 Minuten schrieb RammPage:

    Hi, I have a question regarding the gems.  I noticed that salvaging the dyed-tri gem grants 2 expired Glided Tri gems, which can be antiqued for a Glided Tri + 96 gem powders, which is the difference compared to transmute now vs transmute after awakening, thanks for that, but how about the current Glided Tri gems?  Are they going to be antiqued?  Or is the antique gems only apply to the salvaged Dyed-Tri?  I transmuted 3 Dyed-Tri and 3 Glided Tri from Hept, spent over 35k gold on the gems alone, I'm really curious how much am I getting screwed over by NC again...


    My apology, just noticed this has been answered 20 minutes ago, so we will get all the gems antiqued and refund the difference based on each gem tier, is that correct?

    You will also get Gem Powder back! This is also valid for lower tier of gems like Octagonal or Heptatonal.

    So yes you get a new Tri Gem and Powder.

  7. vor 22 Minuten schrieb Youmukon:



    First of all thanks again for all the feedback we received in this thread. I know that lot of questions haven't been answered but all your messages have been read and hopefully we will be able to address more questions until March 13th. I wanted to give an update regarding a piece of information we released yesterday regarding Dyad Triangular Gems Salvage ans which wasn't entirely accurate.


    Dyad Triangular Gems will be salvageable for the following materials:

    • 25 Hongmoon Gem Fragments
    • 6 Hongmoon Gem Powder
    • 2 Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Gems

    The correct information is:


    Dyad Triangular Gems will be salvageable for the following materials:

    • 25 Hongmoon Gem Fragments
    • 6 Hongmoon Gem Powder
    • 2 Expired Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Gems

    Each Expired Gem will be able to be antiquated for a Gilded Triangular Gem + 96 Hongmoon Gem Powder.


    For exemple Salvaging a Dyad-Gilded Ruby-Sapphire will yield:

    • 1 Expired Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Ruby
      • Salvage to Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Ruby + 96 Hongmoon Gem Powder
    • 1 Expired Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Sapphire
      • Salvage to Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Sapphire + 96 Hongmoon Gem Powder
    • 25 Hongmoon Gem Fragment
    • 6 Hongmoon Gem Powder

    This is still a 64 Powder "loss" compared to initially invested materials, that is however better than the initial 256 loss that was communicated. I would like to apologise for the confusion this caused and do not hesitate to feedback on the above.




    Couple answers to questions in the thread:

    • Will the new PvP Battle Royale Area have equalised stats
      • Yes!
    • Are we gonna have the pleasure to enjoy having a house / estate in Blade & Soul anytime soon, or no plan yet ?
      • There are no plan at this point.
    • Will a character slot be added?
      • This isn't planned for the March 13th update.
    • Will Patch Notes be available before Tuesday 12th
      • Unfortunately no, that would only leave us Monday as an option and we are just finalising this.


    I understand that a little, but if i have a Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Aquamarine, did i get 1Expired Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Aquamarine + 96 Gem Powder as well or is this just for the Dyad Triangular Gems?

  8. vor 2 Minuten schrieb Celyan:

    i woudn't mind if it was a farmable number of pet pack for the nova but 370 cmon... just insane. kr do not need em at all just give us same tree as kr or the same weekly challange who give u 1 pet pack and 1 vial/ week. 

    also the gem compensation not coming... u are basically saying to all ppl who donated and supported ur work to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off. 

    idk if that was the message u wanted to give us but that how it seems like. pls think more about change those stuff again 

    I know it is insane and i agree with that, but the game is a pay to progress game and not a pay to win game.
    That was the only thing i was saying ^^.

  9. vor 6 Minuten schrieb Terrarist:



    I have a simple question. Since we will be able to switch between stage 10 and higher elemental accessories and what not, will the augmented stats (from psyches) on aforementioned accessories remain intact/transfer over or will they disappear upon switching?


    Thanks in advance!

    Psyches will be on the item, you can upgrade without worries.

  10. vor 11 Stunden schrieb Cyan:

    Dyad Triangular Gems will be salvageable for the following materials:

    • 25 Gongmoon Gem Fragments
    • 6 Hongmoon Gem Powder
    • 2 Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Gems

    Additionally, there's two different ways to create a Dyad Square gem. I'll list both below.


    Option 1:

    • 50 Hongmoon Gem Fragments
    • 12 Hongmoon Gem Powder
    • 2 Hongmoon Gilded Square Gems
    • 80 Gold

    Option 2:

    • 4 Hongmoon Gem Fragments
    • 2 Hongmoon Gilded Square Gems
    • 1 Dyad Gilded Triangular Gem
    • 80 Gold

    Hope this helps!

    Did we get Gem Powder again?

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