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  1. Okay guys, I am sorry I didn't read the whole thread but I think no one mentioned what's the real problem here and why ppl are angry. When you buy premium, the benefit you get says : "Currency gained from enemies increased by 100%" it says "by 100%" NOT "to 100%" it means if you are a premium you get double currency drops from mobs, I was okay with that, I had the student pack, I was killing monsters in lvl~36 arenas and dungeons and if I remember well I got 7-8 copper drops / kill, I was like "ah that's not that bad, even if you get half of te drop it really helps you cover the basic costs" but now MY PREMIUM ENDED AND I GET NO MONEY DROP AT ALL NOW even tho I am playing in the 40+ arenas now. So yeah, I find this a bit unfair and misleading, free users do deserve at least a few copper drop from monsters because it ads up since you are grinding mobs 80% of your time and you need it to cover basic stuff like upgrading your gear. Honestly, I will probably invest in the premium but if the game keeps treating free players like that I won't, because I know a lot of people, including my friends will just stop playing at all, and let's be honest, an MMO without players, well, svcks... I agree with the premium features, I am okay with the wardrobe, the extra XP, the extra AH slots, if you don't pay don't expect quaility of life features, but I think getting currency from mob kills is a pretty basic element and everyone should have access to it.