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  1. Am I forced to do dungeons?

    To Upgrade your Weapon and accessories you have to do Dungeons. No way around it. Is this your first MMO or what.
  2. [NA] City Wok [Cerulean Order] Recruiting 45s

    Still Seeking More PEOPLEZ
  3. 441 Atk Mushin Tower F7

    VaneQuish.. how is your Lightning Rod up every like.. every 1 second? Is your %crit just that high or what? Decrease 5 second when hit on 5 poison stack. I swear my shit aint doing that.
  4. 4 man Harbor as Assassin

    I consider myself pretty efficient at MMO's and gaming in general. However, *cricket* this 4 man dungeon as an Assassin. We get 1 easy to use iFrame on a 45 second cool down, 3 Chi cost. Why am i always miraculously out of Chi when i have a split second to use it? Why does my SS ability always seem like it doesn't go off? (i swear guys, i *cricket*ing hit SS like 6 times and went no where). Here, I'll perfectly time my Q right as the ability goes off... Naw. In retrospect, i've done it like 8 times now. Last night was the first time I completed it without dying. *cricket* THIS DUNGEON
  5. Best Soul Shield PVE assassin after patch

    The General Consensus right now is: Mushin 2,4,8 Bloodshade 13567 With max roll Crits this will give you the maximum amount of crit. The 8 piece bloodshade isn't needed for the extra pierce once you have your weapon and accessories upgraded (you will be a little over 10% pierce). You only need 10%, so any extra is a complete waste. I dont have access at work, but go to and check out the assasin forums, theres posts there showing the bopae's and what their max roll crits are.
  6. Assassin's best PVE soul shield

    Poharan 145678 Moonwater 2 Dokumo 3
  7. [NA] City Wok [Cerulean Order] Recruiting 45s

    Awesome, one of us will contact you in game.
  8. LF EST Fam

    What times are you on mostly?
  9. In all honesty, he probably assigned the keybindings in Logitec's software, not in game. Thus the Guard saw the Software telling the client what to do. Bam. Banned. Set your keybindings in game bro. EDIT. If you're using a Naga just set the mouse to "Alt" mode to keybind it in game!
  10. [NA] City Wok is currently recruiting 45s of any class. We currently have 10 lvl 45 members. We are really seeking out 2 people that are very active to finish out our usual 6 man. We start dailies every night at about 6:30 pm CST (get them dailies done fast!). We are pushing to get our weapon and accessories fully upgraded before February 10th with the new content patch. So come join us!! Our 4 most active classes that are on every night / all night are: Assassin Force Master Destroyer Summoner VOIP: Discord
  11. Soul Shield 45 assasin

    If you're going for good HP with Great Crit it's Poharan 145678 Moonwater 2 Dokumo 3