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  1. Yesterday while i was doing my dailies in E. Fleet I got disconnected and unable to login, so i tried logging on the website just to find out that my account is locked due to suspicious activity. I sent an email to After sending them my info to verify my account I was dumbfounded to get this canned message: I have played many online games using my logitech g602 mouse and most of the time binding my skills on the extra mouse button for convenience. I never knew this will be illegal in blade and soul. Now i will have to talk to my bank and do a chargeback on my founders and ncoins that i've purchase and hope to get my money back.
  2. Thanks for this, this explains it a lot. I never used macro, just simple keybinds. But since logitech gaming software is the one emulating the keys, their anti cheat thinks its a macro.
  3. I would love for them to give me a better clarification for what have caused my ban instead of giving a canned reply to my mail. My first mail to them to appeal with my ban is that I included my photo ID hoping that it could help expedite the process and yet they still asked me for my DOB and email which is pretty much a given on my 1st mail, but to get things going i reply with the information they asked and waited again just to see another canned reply saying i got banned for 3rd party software. If there is any other software running in my background that I am not aware of that could trigger this kind of report I will gladly remove it or even ask for help to reformat my PC. But I am stuck with the impression that my logitech gaming software is the cause because that is the only software that i know of that can be potentially labeled as "3rd party software that affects my gaming in blade and soul" and I will not spend another time leveling another toon just to get banned again for same reason. If this is a case of false positives, I do hope a real person with the right skills could help with the investigation. I understand that the game is new and few hiccups could happen here and there. I have no problem if they will have to delete my toon and let me level up again but with the confidence that my PC is running on their standards that i will never experience a false positive bans again. I'm glad this ban happens soon enough rather than spending countless hours playing and spending ncoins+premium membership And to those people who says im Either lying or using illegal programs. I think anyone would agree that if you use cheats/bot expect a ban and no person in a right mind will use it on account that you spent you money with plus I will not come here to instigate and waste my time. I would rather move on and accept the consequences. My reason for posting in this forum is to inform people based on my experience that they might give you a perma ban based on logitech gaming software.
  4. To be clear, I never used VPNs, I am from california I am aware of the WTFast issue and i thought it wasn't my concern. I am running an anti virus called ESET Smart Security and is not getting triggered by the game nprotect anti cheat. The only conclusion I found that could be the result of my ban is using my logitech gaming software which i bind some skills on the side buttons of my mouse (not macro but single pressed buttons because i play as a destroyer and putting a combo macro on my limited extra mouse button is not very efficient since I have to change a lot of different combo depending on circumstances) . If i was a botter or lying i will never waste my time posting here to defend my guilt. I am not ranting at all just informing people that you might get banned by changing the current mouse/keyboard mappings using software like Logitech Gaming Software.
  5. Just 1 skill, Im playing as a destroyer which has a very forgiving combo. With logitech 602 you have very limited amount of keys you can bind, So i bind the keys that is very weird for me to press during combat Like Z, X,C, V, Tab and 4
  6. The only thing I run to play with this game is my teamspeak, google chrome to listen on youtube playlist while gaming, and the Logitech Gaming Software which i used to bind my keys for my skills. I am very sure this is a mistake or false positive on their part but I doubt they will reconsider because talking to their support is like talking to a robot - they only give canned answer. Just letting you guys know that this kind of ban could happen to anyone.