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  1. Server Master Hong, Level 45+1 BM. Current Story quest: Chapter 26: Road to All Things
  2. game stoped working after the patch

    it works the same for me. been playing fine with this method
  3. BnSCrashReport

    Log in to the Game with Razer Chroma SDK enabled. after your enter the game Disable Razer Chroma SDK. thats the way i do it. and it works fine. played yesterday about 14 hrs without logging out
  4. Philippine Player Questions [Ping]

    Hello Kabayan, Use WTFast and manually connect to SEA VN Server. my Brother plays in the Philippines having 97 ms in NA Server. Server: Master Hong
  5. game stoped working after the patch

    i need the Dragon Balls to summon the Dragon Shenron maybe it will let me inside the game
  6. Razer Synapse

    i think nopes. because it is not the BnS client affect it it was the gameguard itself
  7. After Patch Problems

    you are still lucky you got into the game. and meanwhile we are stuck in launcher
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    They had gone Berzerk because they saw the patch Changes.
  9. game stoped working after the patch

    I'm not even getting to pin code area :(
  10. game stoped working after the patch

    An error has occured in your Blade Soul client.
  11. game stoped working after the patch

    same as me :/
  12. Mouse Mapping Programs

    i think you can use it when you are the one pressing the macro buttons. not leaving it afk. do you get me. sorry for my bad sentence