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  1. i think it is possible for u guys, I know you have some editing tools and stuffs to do it. If someone wants to transfer NA->to EU, why not just recreate their items or gears. Achievements, exp's, crafting guild wont matter anymore, as long as they have their items, gears and etc. (for me)
  2. First Floor and 16th portals are different.
  3. celebrate now, and suffer getting the rest leg accessories.
  4. they won't unless you beg for mercy and cry for them, maybe its possible.
  5. looks like they don't give a ****. so stupid
  6. seriously this is so annoying, everytime Loading screen hangs, and need to close the game and start again. what the heeeelll is this.
  7. you guys should fix this. I spent 500USD to get my goal which is the octa gems. but no, same crits everytime. outfits, hair, sigh..seriously, I was hoping I'll have it. just why, kinda wanna kill myself with this trove event.
  8. as I know when u land a critical with dragoncall you will have another instant cast dragoncall, so if this instant dragoncall land a crit it should give us an instant dragoncall again, right? but it wont. there's something like a timer to use that effect again like 1-2 second(s) and you get the instant dragoncall effect again when you land a crit. It's kinda weird but the effect ain't real.
  9. @Liinxy @Youmukon @Bronn @Lock6 @PhoenixMitra @Amraith It says cast time of 1.5 seconds down from 2.5 seconds. Hey, it's only the cast time, dont' change the dragon animation!!
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