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  1. Firearms might be a bit strange to fit into the game due to the damage and how it plays into staggering opponents. Soha fits because she is a NPC and she uses moves that's fit for a boss character. That and she fires a gun that doesn't seem to need to reload. The only other thing that works with a firearm, is if it also doubles as a melee weapon... But that makes it a KFM with a built in gun in his fists...
  2. Well it is blade and soul, so it'd have to use a combat style relative to martial arts of some sort. Sword fighting is used, Ninjutsu is used, 'magic', fists, and heavy weaponry is used already. That leaves other niche sort of asian weapons such as staves, scythes, and spears. double tambo is possible?
  3. What about a class that specializes in a bo staff that can pop off to be dual wielding clubs? Doing combos midway between wide reaching staff, and popping it off to utilize rapid hitting attacks? A fusion between dual tonfas and a battle staff? Or do warlocks use that sort of combat style? EDIT: Nvm I went to see a video of the warlock pvp, and it's basically a fusion between force master and summoner. XD What I mean about 'dual stick' fighting is the use of a weapon called the Tambo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamb%C5%8D
  4. VPNs can be abused so they'd rather not allow it, than to do otherwise. Everything that helps can also hinder, because while a VPN routes your connection better, it also means you aren't the only one using it. IF someone hacks and disrupts the game using a VPN similar to your route, you are just going to get in the crossfire between the server and the true exploiters.
  5. What I noticed when reading past news is that they can and have the ability to turn off character creations, possibly for overpopulated servers. It could be possible to let a limited number of players into the game in a region, then start 'cleaning' it of bots and denying character creations for a month or two, then opening it up again. It's very selective but this is up to NCSoft, not the players on how they run their servers, and it's their say and they have their rights since they paid to run servers for us (it's a free to play game, we may not have paid them any money at all fo
  6. Did you seriously just 'liked yourself? Or is there a reason why there are people with only numbers for names.
  7. It's called North American servers for a reason. It's not called International servers. Lately these people have been badgering many games that intentionally releases in a certain region, to open up to them, claiming they bring more profits and such. Not completely true. While you open it up to more hype and player base, you also bring in bad elements. It's one thing to have a company bring in a game, for instance Monster Hunter Frontier, to the west, it's another to ask a company to 'open up' a mmo in the west to 'any' connections. Which is more foolhardy?
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