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  1. Lyn is best race

    ^ Truth
  2. Lyn is best race

    I wasn't really talking about the outfit. I meant just cute in the face but yeah.
  3. Lyn is best race

    That picture is cute, not sexy.
  4. Lyn is best race

    I don't find the Elin or the Lyn sexy. Adorable as hell? very much so in Lyn's case but Elin I feel just look awkward and weird.
  5. Lyn is best race

    I have no problem immersing myself as any race. I'm adaptable and if there was a MMO where you played a rock I would be immersed and be the best damn rock ever! That's just me though.
  6. Lyn is best race

    I would like to weigh in and agree that cuteness > boobs/ass/everything!