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  1. so you just want to say, that you use XML, right? I mean, archer is a hard class, ngl
  2. i dont know what you think will hapen. Like i said, this post was created and shared by hypocrites. The most fair option would be to restart the whole server with anticheat so ppl like we all know, will lose their gear they already cheated and have to restart clean
  3. actually some hypocrites created this post and ppl just spamming stuff because it was promoted in BG discord. Noone is really interested
  4. Most ppl left because of performance issues caused by anticheat systems like xingcode. I dont know why you try to explain leaving players just because of missing anticheat
  5. @Overgamers So u want just say that you just have no friends to farm something and you mad because of this?
  6. Hypocrite everywhere. The most of the ppl here in the forum are still using cheats, flyhacks and XML edits. I prefer to play the game smoothly instead of having 20 FPS because XingCode3 or sth else is running in the background but ngl, its funny to see how many known cheaters and XML abusers are complaining about no anticheat. So no anticheat is the better decision, ty! @Hime
  7. You dont complain about cost reductions and the ppls who dont get treait mats back, so why now?
  8. This time its a planned cost increase. you have 1 week to get your weapon or you pay more. i dont see the problem
  9. usually everyone is screwed who upgraid their weapon first, because of cost reductions. Not that many ppl complain if they upgraded their weapon more that 8 weeks ago and dont get it resettet
  10. its not egoistic if you had the chance to get it if you have a raid with 1-3 clear
  11. Its still egoistic to sai something like "mimimi reset all weapons" :D
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