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  1. Weapon Progression Guide

    I have only one question.My weapon is Awakened Pirate stage 7 atm.after patch will it stay the same or it will reset to stage 1?Cause that will be hell for me.I dont play all day for farming and stuff so gold and ss is a big issue for me.Thanks in advance for any info provided.
  2. I was busy these past couple days and couldnt level my warlock much.So my question is will I get the Tempation outfit if I level my character to 45 within march 23 or only the players who have leveled to 45 before today's coming maintenence will get it?
  3. Prove to me that summoner isn't broken

    That's How I feel everytime.Just watch.
  4. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    They be wearing pvp outfit like stupid and practically ask me to come get them.I kill them wearing crimson costume,I kill them wearing tyrian cult and stratus empire costume,heck I even kill them in the damn crossserver inside and outside dungeon gate.They be swearing like crazy and be hella mad.but atleast I dont kill lowbies who are 5 levels lower than me.:P
  5. Maintenance?

    I am on EU Cardinal Gates server and cant login due to server maintenence.
  6. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    faction chat on cardinal gates on eu crimson is hijacked by spammers since last night.and why dont you increase block list to 99999999999999999999999999999999 so we can keep blocking while you guys sit on your comfy chairs or wherever and dont do jackshi8.hiring a gm for each server is that asking too much?:/