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  1. Feels the same as in the time we had multiple servers, I usually ask help for something and get it fast. The dungeons arent all so fast, some of them are really mechanic driven, so if dont do it right, forget. Tecnically yes, you can get there everything you need to upgrade (from mats to Badges), so farming there will make your life easier.
  2. at some point upgrades gets so tied to raids and get so expensive that this become ordinary...
  3. Nice :D Do you know any other things like this? I've been out and I had no ideia ppl did things like this.
  4. Good for you, I've been farming HH and I got a total of 0 boxes. Beside in EL, in the same amount of runs I have now of HH, I already saw like 5 or 6 boxes. So often I get ppl in their first runs, because it's a regular thing getting one in EL and IF, even if I or the Party leader ask 1.1k AP for party.
  5. lol, farming Basin is still farming. We already have to farm a lot for Elysians for example, and the boxes barely drop, I have like 15 runs in HH and I never saw ONE BOX dropping, and it never get the bonus like sometimes IF and EL gets.
  6. Since Dawnforge/Riftwalk will become the more popular path from this patch, I think we need more ways to get our weapons from IF, EL and HH more easily, right? Why it can't be in the Basin for peaches?
  7. Yeah, I was getting tons of Voids to send to my character, but it's so expensive that is better just run dungeons and get with them lol.
  8. Not sure if worth pays like 1k gold for something that is only slight better.
  9. My proc is a i7 with 3.6GHz. I shoudlnt have any issues.
  10. uh, unless u guys cut the PTS from Raven, I think lots of ppl will ask for a revert (including myself).
  11. I have a GTX 1060 8GB and I can't play this game with maximum quality and 60FPS.
  12. Idk if with someone else happens, but I went to a Epic Challenge today and yesterday, then I couldnt do much because the lag was too high and I couldnt do any damage and this means no lot. And I don't have this extreme lag in no other place of the game. Even if sometimes I play the game with a torrent open.
  13. In fact no, last week for some random reason, Steam put me to play with americans at CSGO, and guess what: my ping was 120, far less than 400 I used get at SSP at the time I played this game.
  14. Guys, we are not asking for a gunner like TERA, only for a Musketeer, Archer and Scythe We have Archer in MushiN Tower, but no Archer for play :(
  15. I wanted get a outfit from HM Store, 50G and still dont get it, i forgot about it. The worst part will be for upgrade our invetory, since the only possible way to get pouches are buying from NCCoin,and for get a good aumont of new rows are 800 NCCoins... Anyway, my SF is screwed.
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