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  1. I think it was a good move, tbh. They dont give any relevant ammount of gold, I always advise ppl in the faction chat of only worry about blue quests when they reach Silverfrost, simply because it starts paying in silvers and u can get a nice ammount of extra money.
  2. I don't get why BT acc still need PTS.
  3. We could have a event with "dark dungeons" (Necropolis, DD, EL, Asura), but no... We have a 24 man event!
  4. Are u really pissed they put DC instead they are sending us to a OLD 24MAN For a event for no reason?
  5. DD and HH arent 100% braindead, u can still wipe if u ignore the mechs.
  6. New players no, but old players, because everyone is being advised for going Dawn/Rift to 9 because u can end in raven and using only one PTS. But I think it should removed anyway. Raven 9 is like the bare minimum for doing VT and DD-ST in F8.
  7. You compete with ultra-geared people for get items of 2 year old content. I can't even touch the final bosses, because it dies in less than 2 seconds. Crafting barely gives u gold. The only thing that really sells is TS, and again, if u dont do 6v6, it's not really profitable. And guess what: 6v6 requires u having gear too...
  8. What? They removed the profit you could make by crafting, SSP isnt profitable anymore. So please, tell me what my limited vision isnt seeing as a gold source.
  9. Again. What? Unless you have super gear and can sell BT runs or run HM of Shadowmoor/ST, I don't see how it's easy to get gold. One PTS cost 390G now, wich is almost a week doing NS-ST. And for you do this entire set of dungeons you need gear. VT gives a abismal increase of gold compared from BT, and if ppl are locked out of doing it, their source low even more. At this point, most of the ppl people will only start doing content when they get nerfed to the obvilion instead of doing when it's fresh.
  10. Unless they make Scales become like Blackstone that drops every run, I dont see turning like that. And lol, alts in DD, RT, ST and TS?! you need 1.1k for doing any of those! It's not even affordable doing multiple alts to be able to achieve that.
  11. What? You probably love that ppl are locked out of doing TT, even VT, and some ppl are still far away from doing TS... All because PTS cost so much.
  12. And woudlnt even break the market. Because Sacred Vial are still 300G. And I think another thing it would help is putting their more frequently at the today special and put at more modic prices. It felt good buying Vials yesterday, but at the same time was horrible how costly they are.
  13. So guys, there only one more week of this event, what is the next event? I think it's time for we have some info, right?
  14. One run is more than enough, this a weekly thing. Just put that behind the Raven king ach and we good.
  15. Tbh everything should be acc bound, yesterday I got a belt drop in my gunner, but who actually needs that belt is my WL, and farming draken cores is a pain in the ass because none of the 4 dungeons that drop it worth the trouble of doing a farm for a alt.
  16. We get everything KR gets with a 3month delay or something like that.
  17. This would be actually nice, I would be a lot more intended to run that more than one time if we get Scales every time we go there.
  18. And where u getting that party of 1100 ppl to do it?
  19. What the problem? One day everything gets powercrept, so making the future old dungeons more accessible is a way to go. The only reason I dont do RT is because of that bullshit of 10m.
  20. How do you farm something that can be done only once per day? Are u suggesting players farm Yeti too? =P
  21. For u see, when i came back, I could do the quest with my FM being already 1k AP basically. Now that I have a Gunner, I had to be carried in dungeons while I did 20k dps... Sick meme.
  22. Does it? I have 68 runs and never saw it.
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