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  1. you are a funny guy, huh? are u willing to take my 2 undergear alt to IF and EL, then?
  2. The Daily Challenge from before the aniversary event, u know. The one we had dgs like Gloomdross, DT, etc in them. I want my easy DC for my alts back.
  3. Im not talking about powders for gems, and yes reduction for gems from events, so it become more atractive to new players.
  4. I didn't mean that, lmao. But if it cost the double, no one will get it, it cost around 250G to get the same gem if u buy all the powders. And guess what cost roughly the same? Vials. I think we need is a reduction so newer players can get better gems. And yeah, we need the good gems too, but seems the policy of NCSoft is sell them. See that Acqua was a Black Friday deal.
  5. I said in another post: Aquamarine and Diamond are too good for not being sold in some bundle.
  6. You know the reward are kinda meh when u best reward is Legendary jewels and Elements.
  7. Eventually, so if u have a alt in need, just hold a little. I dout it wont come this semester.
  8. One tank and one buff, as mentioned before. Overall, theres no need for any specific class in all the dungeons. Some dungeons are nice to have X class, but you can deal with it (for example, in ST it's nice have a FM, but in HH its a lot wharever).
  9. Are u joking, right? You need max level on that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to craft that, plus materials. Not all returning will have money for that.
  10. And this event wont last forever. And when this ends, where the people who might come back, will get 44 Gem hammers? It's basically putting more one stuff for ppl buying. Since I came back to the game, I might have got like or 10 or 12 of this hammers who their use is in weapons that are going be trashed eventually (since we cant even keep the story weapons for skins).
  11. What? Sea Glass comes from the dynamic quest and it's dropping like candy in the event dungeon. What are u complaining about?
  12. They could put gem tickets rewards, this wouldnt hurt the game at all.
  13. bloodstones are harder to get, if its not a urgent skill, why not collect the 300?
  14. If you say so, please invite to your wonderful clan. Since he's the one who is diferent.
  15. I would like it too. I got in my gunner, but it's ugly. I would like give to my sum.
  16. I'm in a clan, and they have raids static, it's VT, ppl dont go out their static. What world u living in?
  17. So, Ive been a little slow with doing level up with my sum, so Today I got finally to Basin, I tought about getting the key for the real event. But theres no quest. Altough theres no level requirement listed in the news announcing the event, is this event only for lvl 55? I mean, makes no sense I can't get the key after Basin being unlocked.
  18. But I wish they removed the HQ item requirement. That ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is still expensive.
  19. I would like it, it would make more money for me, and all the DC dungeons require you do the final boss? Why Masts is the only one different?
  20. Tbh, i wish both went gone again. Mainly the ST one, shes such a pain in the ass.
  21. 100k is something that only mains can do. I usually do Gloomdoss in all my characters for extra money, but in my WL and SF, its mandatory, since both dont even half of the dps of my FM or Gunner.
  22. I did my SF in the last week of events and still got the weapon without problem.
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