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  1. 7 minutes ago, FeneFeline said:

    Its not for a weird reason sadly. Leveled up accessories from Sovereign cores and below, including TT have been phased out for a few months now. There is no reason to think DB would have a stage accessory of a phased out system.

    if the Stage 6 version exists, why the Stage 10 cant exist? I like to send my old acc from my main to my alts.

  2. On 9/10/2021 at 6:58 PM, Yolaaaaaaa said:

    Not gonna lie, that's a unnecessary nerf.
    People should learn how to do all dungeon mechs to clear it instead just press their face on keyboard and burst everything. The game now is ok, just active the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ anti-cheat, because theres still cheaters around. 
    You can let EASY mode only for new and return players complete the daily for their call to arms event, anything else is literally unnecessary.

    its not really that simple to "learn mechs", the game isnt intuitive in dungeons it offers, we dont have articles saying  how it supposed to be on our website. We rely entirely on guides posted by someone or videos. It gets worse because the second option is even harder to get, since nobody is really doing guide videos anymore. Me for example: I only really learn anything watching guides. If I read written guides, most likely Ill not remember half of the things right after I read.

  3. Bug Summary: No Raid Acc for Dual Wielder

    Reproduction steps: I tried to open a Skybreak Spire acc got Invalid, I tought ok, maybe BT they didnt want include, but the next raid also is giving me invalid item.


    Bug Summary: Switch Character DC

    Reproduction steps: Every time I try to switch character im getting DCed, I tought my internet was being bad or the game was messing with me, but after the 4th DC for change char I finally noticed nothing was wrong with me.

  4. 13 hours ago, Rmccn08 said:

    Can't you trade in the newest season tokens for old tokens?? At Mushins Tower?

    You are trolling, right? I dont want being toxic, but being toxic, look at this topic and you are already have your answer. Nobody would pay 20g for a token if we could just trade 1 for 1.

  5. 4 hours ago, Zuzuzuzuzu said:

    To be clear i do not defend ncsoft, i really hate them  but guys sometimes when i see this kind of post make me wondering why you play the game .
    Now before you start hating me, i can say STOP BEING LAZY , PLAY ,LEARN and you will get rewarded . 

    Nothing fall from skies.  WEEKLIES are done over the 7 days,remember that .

    Hi, how can I can get rewarded for doing 5 times the same set dungeons on my alts? Im mainly posting this because I know lots of ppl do weeklies in alts for the extra cash and extra mats. They nerfed  the gold rewards, so Im not even sure what kinda of reward u think im getting for investing too much time into the game. Especially when we didnt had this problem before LOL.

  6. 11 hours ago, wcnighthawk said:

    Correct.  Wingrise/Paragon/Exhilaration all come from combining the new badge tokens with the Liberty badge tokens, so essentially it's a one-for-one trade of the same badge.  If you have something different, it will not work.  Luckily, 3rd spec for FM has 2 badges listed as BIS; either Exhilaration or Exemplar.  So if you don't feel like farming the new tokens/Liberty tokens, you can try for the Exemplar badge instead.  Should be especially easy to obtain if you have the solar energies saved up.

    Paying almost 1k gold or farming toi.


    really 2 good options.

  7. 1 hour ago, Grimoir said:

    I do have to say this is kinda doing things backwards.


    The main reason for gold influx is hunters refuge where you could farm insane gold amounts, they should have done things to combat that and not do this now where it brings 0 benefits.

    We know that things are going wrong when even Grimoir isnt defending NCSoft this time.

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