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  1. Hahahahahahahaha > players ignore 95% of game to rush to max level in record time > players complain not enough content > dev's churn out another 5 levels of content that players rush through in a few hours > repeat every 1-6 months XD Do you want WoW? Because that's how you get WoW.
  2. I love BnS but it's starting to go downhill

    While I loathe RNG boxes it is absurd to dramatize this with a title "going downhill fast" and use words like "down the drain fast" in regards to a game that has been out all of like 2 weeks. People take a reasonable point of view and blow it into ultimatum doomsday status because they don't think people will listen to them otherwise. I find that more detrimental to the game than an RNG box.
  3. Pay2win or not, opinions?

    I'm soooo glad they finally added RNG boxes. I was just thinking to myself how refreshingly different this was from ArcheAge, how it wasn't such a cash gouge and I could spend money on premium and cosmetic items instead, and then they fixed that.
  4. Calling All Destroyers

    You said Blade Dancer every time here. I'm thinking you meant Blade Master in at least one of these instances.
  5. Calling All Destroyers

    Hey Destroyers! Blade Master here. I've been doing well in the arena so far, beating Assassins, beating KFM, beating summoners, beating FMs. Some fights are close, some fights I win handily. A good mix that seems skill based and appropriate. There CC's back and forth with cooldowns in between. And then come the Destroyers. When I face Destroyers I don't even get to move. I don't get to touch them, there is no back and forth. It is CC pound pound pound, hold me up in the air pound pound pound. CC pound pound pound. Doesn't matter my blocking, CC breaks, anything. I am completely CC'd and not able to control my character 100% - 0%. There is no cooldown where they cannot have me permanently CC'd. It is the worlds most one sided fist fight and makes the game feel like complete bs. So my question to you Destroyers: do you ever lose to Blade Masters in 1v1 arena? If so, how? Why? Obviously if my experience was the norm I assume I'd be seeing a lot more complaining about on the forum so I must just be unlucky or doing something wrong. Thanks for your insight, Havoc
  6. wardrobe should be free already

    There has to be SOOOMEEEETHINNGGG that premium gets that you don't get. Get a job. $15/month is like eating one meal out. Once a month. F2P whiners you ruin everyyytthiinngg.
  7. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    OP's assessment is bad and they should feel bad.
  8. Is this game boring or just me?

    It's just you.
  9. So how does Faction pvp work&rewards?

    I'm also new to this, and unfortunately the game does a very poor job explaining any of this. Someone discussed grouping, however I believe only the party leader earns PP when killing mobs of the opposing faction...right? Meaning you have to solo farm that, otherwise it just goes to the party leader. Please correct me if I'm wrong I really would like to understand the many systems involved in PvP points. It's also unclear what advantage or reward there is for ranking up by turning in enough PP. And no where is there listed how much you need to reach each rank.
  10. assassin is too op

    I have no problems beating assassins, lol it's destroyers that own me. As sword master I got the jump on a same level destroyer, unloaded everything I had on him and got his health pretty low. As soon as he was able to move again, this dude smashed me from 100%-0% before I could even control myself again. All I could say was "ow" I mean I deserved it but dang. I do not like getting choke slammed by a destroyer and punched until dead.
  11. Welp. I exclusively use a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate and Razer Deathadder and been banned a whopping....0 times, in B&S and any other game I've played for the last decade. So. Again. Who knows. Maybe it was false flagging. But come on, we both know what really happened.
  12. Not really. In every single case like this throughout the ages, in every game where people get banned, we only know the facts that OP has told us. He says he dindunuffin. It is overwhelmingly more likely, that he got banned for cheating and is lying, than telling the truth and got false flagged. Only OP really knows for sure. The rest of us can only use our best judgement, which is that he is lying. People who actually get false flagged don't come on the game's forums to plead their case to the masses who cannot do anything about it. Players who use cheats, and are told by that cheat provider to come onto the forums and complain that they were false flagged, are the only people who do that.
  13. Nah bruh. Just banning cheaters. Pretty essential for the health of the game.
  14. If he got banned, than he was using illegal macros to automate combos. Or he was using a 3rd party cheat/bot software. They don't need to give warnings. It's pretty *cricket* common sense. Play fair or get rekt folks.
  15. OP either: > set multiple skills to perform off one key press, and deserves his ban > is using bots/cheats or other 3rd party software, and deserves his ban > set 1 skill to keybind to 1 mouse button, and would not have gotten banned, because that is not even detectable. You wouldn't get flagged for rebinding keys to your mouse. From the game's point of view all key presses are created equal. Doesn't matter if you bind a skill to A, =, or MB6. You would get banned for using one key press to fire off multiple commands to the server in quick succession. Trying to gain an unfair advantage by automating a bot. GG. No re. OP.