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  1. The wonders you see in this game, the character customization is boss :P
  2. Ah thank you, i did not know i could do that :)
  3. I'm a Level 18 Blade dancer and I cant hit very hard and I cant afford a single dumpling.... I have like 4 silver and every fight is a struggle, this is normal for a blade dancer. I also have a summoner he's poor too but hits the a fright train...on FIRE!! Am I poor or is food overly expensive?
  4. Am I meant to be poor and week

    Thank for all the help guys :)
  5. Am I meant to be poor and week

    Maybe i just playing wrong then, I am doing all the quests and stuff, but maybe I just suck lol
  6. Let me draw your Lyn

    I would love for you to draw mine but I cant log in :(
  7. Same, rather annoying :(