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  1. I play with about 290 - 300 ingame delay. Personally i wouldn't break the rules by editing my XML though i can see why it is so tempting for people in my situation. I would really like for them to implement this officially perhaps automatically, its an adjustable setting within the game files already, it just seems that it was easiest for them to set it for what they believed would be the average user ping and forget it. With a little effort they could make a lot of players experience of the game more enjoyable. Many reviews ive seen for this game point out how heavy the ping dependancy is for this game, which would put many players off to start with or after trying the game and experiencing this. Some people have also resorted to changing to other less english friendly servers such as TW or soon TH which seems like it would also lose money for this company (If its a separate publisher like Garena). I honestly cant see any problem with this if it was officially implemented and no reason for people to get upset about it in that case.
  2. Just upgraded during trove from True Ivorymoon to Stage 4, had been saving gold for it for quiet a while waiting for the trove to come to get mats at a cheaper price and go straight to stage 4. After they announced the update to costs i contacted support hoping to recoup some materials but was told it was too late. People who are saying that upgraders should have known this change was coming seems unfair, many players have not played on other region servers to learn these things. I know that this has happened many times before but not on this scale of cost and to have it following so closely after an event that is known to push people to upgrade seems wrong. To run the trove so close to this update seems poorly managed at best without letting people know that such drastic cost reductions would be coming in the near future (ofc it was in their best interests not to let people know this for maximum profit from trove). As for compensation many people keep saying that its never happened and it never will... but we did get some for the cost change to true ivorymoon (i am aware that was because more than one tier of weapon got changed to true ivorymoon but it opens the possibility) and i think a similar return of materials would be good - with the returned mats being bound would be fine by most i would think. Claiming that you spent much more gold six months ago seems like a petty argument, you had the weapon for a long period of time and during many events and you would still recieve some compensation aswell (unless it has a time restraint), where as we are talking about an upgrade people have only had for as a little as a week to 3 weeks at a huge loss (huge to me anyway, a loss of about 1k gold from the prices i paid).
  3. disconnected from server.(2000)(132,10054)....

    Same here, was wondering if the server was down but nothing on twitter. Edit: My bad i found it on Blade and Soul Ops twitter feed