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  1. Salvaging outfits bugged please fix

    wow that sucks man these bots ruining this game its such a good game to just why :(ty for reply cleared that up ^^
  2. Well there is several outfits when i look at them in my outfit storage they are able to be salvaged for fabric/HQ fabric. Then i get the outfit and its unsalvageable pls fix this we need a way to get fabric/hqFabric other than paying Hongmoon points and salvaging my money what a joke :D (if it is not a bug then i'm sorry but that is so stupid p2w for fabric only)
  3. Servers crashed ?!

    i bet its just some salty ass kid got powned in arena like well ill show you's my script kiddy powers! :D
  4. Servers crashed ?!

    same man ah well its attack of script kiddys :D
  5. Servers crashed ?!

    I was in game all froze now cant connect just intrigued as to what happened if anyone knows?