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  1. @Hime Ticket: #23597344 Character: Blitzyy Server Jinsoyun
  2. @Hime Character name: Blitzyy Server: Jinsoyun
  3. This has been going on for soo many seasons now, ever since the ranking system changed. There has to be a cap of the people you wish to queue with to stop this, cause it's mixing 1800 games with 1500 people due to the match making system. I think 50 or 100 rating between you and the player to wish to party with in battlegounds.
  4. Hello, I would like to suggest an in game exchange system. The currencies we've had with upgrading gear were: - Blackstone - Silver Scale - Onyx Scale and now the currency is Elder Scale It would be great if we had an exchange management system for example 2 Blackstone will give 1 Silver scale 2 Silver Scale will give 1 Oynx Scale 2 Oynx Scale will give 1 Elder Scale This will allow new players to farm there current content and saving leftover scales for new equipment and old players who have left over materials from
  5. @Cyan Please bring back Dragonfall!! I'm a huge Dragon ball fan and this outfit represents that anime. This outfit is amazing
  6. People choose Raven cause it's a faster run, but what they don't see is, they use to be Baleful and Seraph too at some point and now they want to class themselves as "elitist" they forget where they came from.. I told my friend off who was asking for 1k+ for a dungeon and a guy had 1.1k but baleful and decided to kick him due to having baleful, I said what you doing, he's fine to join with us and made the point he was baleful at one point and got my point. I'll be happy to take anyone in these dungeons, as I remember the struggles I used to have and wouldn't want that on anyone els
  7. You cry for the warlock, get it and now you cry for the chimaster. People so ungrateful.....
  8. Hahaha, he has 134 post and doesn't even read the patch notes?
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