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  1. Hacked

    If you get "hacked" into it is of your OWN fault. There is a reason for the 2 step process. USE IT, LOVE IT!
  2. df am i playing?

    OMG... HAHAHAHA!!!!
  3. Oh look another crying thread. *sighs*
  4. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    STOP comparing these games against one another, every game is different. 2) ALL, and I mean ALL Asian based games are grindfest, we learned this over 10 years ago and nothing has changed. So when going to play/buy a game research a little where it was developed and who is hosting it. You might save yourself some headaches and crying spells. Some of us like the grindy games, everyone plays a game differently. BDO has allot of good qualities to it, it just needs more development to it, ArcheAge was a good game until the hosting/gaming company screwed up BIG TIME with the RNG boxes, which scares me with this game. Those boxes are the sinking ship to games.
  5. df am i playing?

    So OP is mad about a game that shows allot of ti.ts and a$$, which btw was there when you DOWNLOADED and started playing the game. If you are so offended by it there are plenty of other games you can go play.. I am thinking Hello Kitty Online might be your speed. I agree some of the costumes are stupid but meh I just over look them, easy peasy. But to start putting others down or verbally attacking them because of their opinion is down right childish. You gave your opinions and like a$s.holes. everyone has one.
  6. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    Don't put off BDO by reading reviews, go watch some streams/videos and decide for yourself. Letting others opinions cloud yours isn't the right thing to do.
  7. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    If you think BDO is going to go off without problems, you are sadly mistaken. PLUS, I know someone who has put hundreds of hours and I don't even want to put the $$$ amount he has spent on the game and guess what... he hasn't touched it in weeks. Why, because it becomes the same sh!t different day thing. A game is what you MAKE IT. I am a long time MMO player and have found this to be true with pretty much every game that I have played. You have to make the game fun as well. It's the people you play with is what keeps you playing.

    GETS IT! and those of us that understand what is going on here, is giving the game a chance to fix things. Oh YEA! BTW, this kind of sh!t will happen with Black Desert Online as well, since it is a ASIAN based game.

    Let's get serious here, as OP has said NCSoft are doing nothing to fix the problem. Are you flipping serious? Do you know how stupid you sound saying that? EVERY game that is released goes through rough patches the first few months it comes out. Even with this game being out a few years in Asia, it is a total different ballgame bringing over here. Now to say they aren't working on the problem is just laughable.. because yes let's spend all this time and money to bring a game to NA/EU and we will let it fall down the hole right away because MEH! People are so g.od quick to jump on the game companies if the game isn't 100% coming out the door. EVERY MMO that I have played with the exception of a couple have had problems and they were able to finally get most of the bugs worked out after a couple months. Ping issues and FPS could be allot of YOUR computer and YOUR internet. Just because you can run 60+ FPS everything on high in one game does NOT mean you can do the same in other games. Gotta love those that run and bad mouth a game before giving it a chance and or trying to work out the issue. I am not a fanboi but I have been playing games with NCSoft for a very long time. But I am also realistic when it comes to things, sometimes you can't get everything you want right away. Not everyone and everything is going to be perfect.
  10. NCoin Fraudulent Purchases

    If you would have gone through the forums a bit you would see others having the same problem. (ugh, a billion post about the same subject) One person even thinks they figured out what happened. Looks like it could be the browser you are using and NOT all NCSofts fault. READ:
  11. FFS atleast give us a compensation

    I'll just leave this here, looks like plenty are needed.
  12. Nice ''optimization patch'' luls

    Ya know, you can still run a smooth game without the number being 60 fps. People get so focused on a damn number. Not every game is going to be 100% balls to the wall with your set up. Start by turning shaders/shadows down, some of the simpler stuff. See with this game I have no issues at all except a few corners in dungeons. I am running 100+fps and I don't even have that great of a video card. So like I said.. maybe you need to adjust your computer a bit. Not trying to be an as.shole... just saying.
  13. Nice ''optimization patch'' luls

    Maybe YOUR computer isn't optimized correctly. Because yea that is possible.
  14. Can you stop crying about everything? :P

    NO!! I WILL NOT stop crying. If everything isn't my way everyone is going to hear about it. I want to 1 shot everything, reign surpreme in PvP. Have all the monies I want, all the costumes I desire. Be able to play when ever I want to. ./sarcasm off*
  15. My BnS Discord Chat

    Tal does have a point, you don't go into anothers chat and spam yours... *cricket*ING RUDE as hell. Good god people have no manners these days.