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  1. If he doesn't need us then why the hell is he joining cross-server runs? Like a lot of people have said, at that level he could do it alone. The only other reason he's doing it with a party is to troll the lowbies.
  2. Since he's high level he can kill really fast and ignore the normal mobs and just goes for the bosses. When that happens everyone else in the party is blocked and before we know it its done without us able to complete the quest, then he just leaves. How would you feel if that happened to you? If he/she were decent they should have at least wait for the whole party to finish it together.
  3. I thought it was just me but it seems that some high level players (from level 40 - 45) abuse Blackram Narrows. They rush to the boss preventing everyone from getting in and then leave immediately. Trying to report them is futile. Can something be done about this? This usually happens in cross-server mode. Sigh...
  4. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    They should have a captcha in place. Some other MMOs are already doing this. A captcha will randomly appear anytime and ask you to enter the code and you have a limit of 10 seconds or else you're logged out of the game. I remember seeing something like this on Aura Kingdom (Taiwan/Japan server, not the failure that is Aeria games.)