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  1. Nice balanced game boys

    1. Sins don't suck, how about reading your tooltip and learning about other classes. Stop expecting the game to coddle you like a baby. 2. Des takes a dump on Summoner, if their escape is down, one good CC and Ani-cancel train and congratz you killed a summoner. 3. If you have a hard time against certain matchups, look for spars against what you're weak to.
  2. Doesn't always happen but I've seen it a few times in groups, there are times the Dragon Pulses leading to Poh's Arena will be buggy at times and players while fall through the floor and land somewhere on the side of the ship.
  3. Funny thing is I chose Ceruleum day 1 because Crimson was full, now it seems Ceruleum is stomping most of the servers.
  4. No one is sticking a gun to your head to do PvP, the PvP dailies are still pretty much PvE because all you're doing is killing mobs and gathering whatever quest items it makes you grab. The only difference is people are attacking you, the only PvP daily that actually is PvP are the arena dailies and that one daily from your faction that has you kill 10 people of a certain rank. Also talk to your clan and organize some PvP with your clan if no one is in faction. If you clan is so laid back and mega casual to where all clan chat is is just another chat channel....might want to reconsider what you want to achieve and align yourself with a clan that best fits your needs.
  5. What outfits have you guys farmed so far?

    I want to farm Starling but GL ever finding people to do Blackwyrm D; Aaaaand the Gangplank hairstyle from Blackram Supply.
  6. Lmao I thought about doing this as well, almost feel guilty about it xD
  7. Nothing needs nerfing, people need to stop crying. Get sparring partners to fix where you need to improve, learn the other classes. We don't even have level 50 skills yet, and that's when the other classes are coming out of the woodworks more.
  8. I'd say keep pushing, get as much practice in as possible, keep improving so that when season starts you'll be ready for the climb again.
  9. I think should be up in an hour
  10. Look out we got an 1800 MMR WoW pvper over here.....
  11. Is KFM the worst PvP class?

    Its not the worst by far but the skill cap in PvP is insane. Most people are going to find it difficult because its pretty unforgiving and when it comes to KFM, you're either amazing or or terrible, really not a middle ground as harsh as it sounds. Its good but not many people can master it or just readily play it and do ok like the other classes.
  12. The real WHY summoner is OP

    You've gotta learn other classes' weak points or else yeah you're going to think they're OP when you're throwing yourself at them at inopportune times and actually screwing yourself over. Me and my buddies are pretty much sparring with each other and getting practice in against different classes so we know how to deal with them in arenas. Take time to learn where other classes are weak, all classes have their strong and weak points, also adapt, switch around skill points as need change playstyle depending on what you're against.