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  1. Night Luna and Lyn

    If someone want boobs on Lyn, let them. My warlock is damn sexy without having them.
  2. Burn Builds VS Auto Detonate

    nevermind ^^ selffail ^^
  3. Speed hack in arena already?

    You are aware that triggering "S+S" brings you instantly 20m backwards? It's a bit like in Archeage when some people thought survivals woul cheat somehow to have 2 teleports instead of one but in reality it was just the backflip with a well done turn.
  4. I needed to do 627 for my stupid Deva Aura. So what?
  5. Moonwater Transformation Stone

    First: I'm Ms not Mr, Honey ;) About profession: Potter is needed for everything, that's right. But if you want to be really good in owPvP oder PvE you need things like reviving charms, 15 seconds heal potions, diamonds and buff food. But sweet love, you don't make that bunch of gold with potter. You make it with Soul Warden. My list, like you can hopefully see, is a list if you buy everything for Soul Warden. Also Radiant Ring. You have no other way to get the diamonds. So we have 3 professions just for cash and 4 for convenient goods. Wait till we have the tower and people suddenly realise: damn, I'm not that pro assasin who stays the whole time invisible... I need pots... It's ok, that players just 2 weeks after eu/na release have no interest in not yet implemented things (well we have no real endgame now, have we?). But this don't mean it will never come. Even now a sweet little pot can save your ass ;) Yes, I don't have that 2,4 Gold per item profit. But I'm doing well with dungeons and daylies and selling the crap the others need to make their things ;) I don't get jealous and greedy just because someone else have more than me.
  6. Dungeon Loot Bidding?!

    I don't see why you should loose love. I played mmo's for over 12 years now and always it was "you have luck or you get nothing". Here you get at least ALWAYS something: money.
  7. Moonwater Transformation Stone

    First of all: the marketplace is cross-realm so we have all the same prices. Then: the stone cost only 6-8g now. You can make 10 of them every 24 hours. You need: 5x Refiner (something between 2-3g each) 100x Soulstones (33-35s each) 10x Moonwater Tears (30s each) I'm not counting the earth thing, cause it isn't relevant for the costs. Last time I was ingame (today at 5am Berlin, Germany) one Moonwater Transformation Stone was at 7,3g. Lets do math: in: (5*2,5) + (100*0,33) + (10*0,30) = 48,5 out: 10*7,3 =73 profit without taxes which ARE there: 73 - 48,5 = 24,5 Sooooo. You lost 24 hours and made as profit something like 24g. That's like 2,4g per stone. Yeah. Totally over the top *sarcasm off* No. I'm not a Potter. I'm Alchemist and Earthseeker. I'm not even 45 now. I just arrived in Hogshead and hit 42. All my jewelery is up to "you need 5 Moonwater Transformation Stones" and I just upgraded my Staff over the first stone and need 1g to make it through the next upgrade. I already hit it and have the staff for it, just not the damn fee. Stop whining. I have professions with no point whatsoever at this point in the game, I am not 45 an I was still able to buy 1 damn stone.
  8. Show off your characters!!

    This is my new Summoner on Windrest. Somehow I think of spring and butterflies and gentle fragrances when I look at her...
  9. Show off your characters!!

    My Bladedancer :)
  10. A Warning To Good Players

    I actually was on the other side one time: I was there for only one thing: my shield piece. No one wanted the other pieces and and they all ended up being destroyed. And this player scammed me (the bids were at 20c and he added more than a silver to it) into paying nearly 2s (if you only have 20 it is a bunch) and in the end his weapon dropped and yes I pushed it a bit higher and he went all out how dare I. Sorry but if you try to pull something on another player you have no right to say it's wrong when you are on the receiving end. I don't know how your situation was, but think twice before you try to scam others. Everyone can see who pushed the bid over the top. And everyone click sometimes a bit to fast. Don't scam or live with the echo.
  11. Premium vs F2P

    I am premium and founder and I think the wardrobe should be free for all. Give us premiums something like "500 block list" and you get A LOT more ppl to pay than now ^^
  12. All Hail our Merry Potter overlords

    It is @cross-server If you mark things as favorite on Server A they are still favorite on Server B. The prices do not change too, if you look on 2 Servers with 1-2 minutes difference.
  13. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Basically it is only OP if you think you can kill everyone with the same template ;) This won't work ever, Honey
  14. Neat thing but you realise that you can only make 40 daylies a day? So a total of 68 Quests for 11 gold is practically not possible