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  1. 'Bad' Players

    I agree that higher AP does in no way guarantee more skillful players or higher dps. Unfortunately this seems to be only 'reliable' standard people can go by. Making it more so that players will set higher AP requirements to increase chance of success and/or speed of completing the dungeon. :/ That said, I should hold off on trying for NF and NS until at least Dec 6 because the effort required to get into one of these parties may be more strenuous than completing the dungeon itself. Most parties I do get into... other than the damage department, I tend to do better than others. Half the time I'm the only one left with doing the mechanics. Dx
  2. 'Bad' Players

    That's actually a good advice. Though not really necessary for me, so I would rather stay in my own clan of 3 people. If I join my clan, I would want one I am willing to dedicate time and effort to; not just for the benefits. Getting in up to Sogun's Lament seems to be fine. EC and DT is a bit finicky. NF and NS are latest ones I been doing. I know mechanics better than many players with 900-1000 AP... I don't even queue for anything higher, because I believe I should get some more AP; else I would be borderline leeching even if I learned what to do. Fortunately more AP should be coming in soon, as I heard that Dec 6 update may decrease upgrade cost at some stages. My weapon is Seraph 5, and I'm refraining from further upgrades till after the update.
  3. New costumes

    Or it'd be fine if it's like most reasonable games; release a new costume with several old ones every (other) rotation. Having old ones is good for players who missed it, but new ones would obviously be the spotlight.
  4. 'Bad' Players

    Small feedback and whats been irritating me. So far I played for about 3 weeks since coming back (last time was prior to Silverfrost update). I'm glad that most bots are gone. Back in the days, the limited block list can only barricade against the annoyance so much. Until it burst like a dam and they constantly flooded in. They would be advertising and infesting PvP & dungeons. PvP was still fine because free elo, but dungeons were frustrating; feels like I was free labor for exploiters to farm gold and make $$$. Now I only had to, so far, block 2 bots pretending to be GMs giving out compensation... 'Bad (Mannered)' Players! New* dungeons I've tried such as Awakened Necropolis and Gloomdross Incursion will often (rarely not the case) have AFK leechers for obvious reasons. This is frustrating (for me), and I do not know of any easy way to report them. I am lazy by nature, so I do not go out of my way to submit a ticket (especially since I hear from others that NC does not care to do much about it). Most players also just leave them be. Is leeching encouraged? If so, that is still unfortunate, because I am not one to sit around idly. I play games to play games; not to AFK in games. :/ Since NC does not seem to care much, all I can do is block then and avoid them in future and report for spamming (even if that was not the case). Not sure if I would be wrong to report them with the only available option. haha... That said, there are some players who refuse to learn mechanics and others who just intentionally(?) join instances too difficult for them. However this is still bearable compared to the above since this is fairly common in most games. On the other extreme, elitist host dungeons with so high AP requirements, preventing players such as myself an opportunity to catch on. They would outright avoid me like the plague or make silly excuses such as I should leave because spot was for a friend. I know my 850 AP is shabby, but it was an improvement from 350 just 3 weeks ago. Not really complaining, but with so much AP where is the fun when all the mechanics were avoid! xP
  5. What if REMOVE BD spin?

    Let me digest this... BD most OP ... Who said? NCSoft? Screenshot please or it didn't happen. I know at least in competitive Korea, BD was ranked about 4th place. Most OP would be no doubt first place. Hopefully it's just your opinion; but you clearly stated it like a fact. Also! If you want PVP more challenging and fun... I know the best way even if nothing was changed. Find the most difficult challenging and fun class to play (obviously doesn't need to be BD if that is not challenging and fun for you), and PVP against classes you think are OP. Right? Simple solution. If your only perspective from view of BD and that influences all your decisions and opinion... you are just making the world revolve around your BD; clearly not to make PVP more challenging and fun.
  6. What if REMOVE BD spin?

    Nono those are your 'possible' defense. Set some depending who you up against. And lightning draw can easily kill (not one shot) even with all defensive skills.
  7. What if REMOVE BD spin?

    Dual Strike (resist), Five Point Strike (resist), Guardian Tempest (resist)... defenseless eh? Also I not going to spin randomly in front of a WL. He has no resist on and attacks, THEN I spin. He will get stunned. You have to know when to use skills. If he throws resist down and stuff... of course you lose if you don't know what you're doing... Edit: Also, if spin doesn't work... there's DPS, knock up, force choke. I guess you might not of heard of em if you only spin but... give them a try. And yup, it's late so I off.
  8. What if REMOVE BD spin?

    I mentioned that some classes better match-ups and not against others. But question for you. Is it more fair if Parry is effective against all characters OR effective against none? ALSO, those WL/summ/sin it is effective IF they LMB and you parry. AND, the other seven classes it can be not effective IF you parry and they wait 0.5 seconds then attack. That is the point I'm trying to get across. Parry spin does not mean, BD = 100% lose to wl/summ/sin and 100% win against other classes. At least I don't think so. EDIT: In other words, some skills work better against certain classes then others. EVEN if spin does not work against wl/summ/sin, that does not mean you have nothing left... Parry is a utility to begin with; sounds like you just rely too much on it? Mindset: I cannot parry therefore I lose, so I should give up. Something is wrong with character if ONE skill makes or breaks it and other skills just decorations.
  9. What if REMOVE BD spin?

    Only issue with that is... BM has block? Might as well remove BD and just have BM; then your wish would be granted. And if you meant 8 cd cooldown parry spin? That would be awful compared to BM 1 sec cd block, KFM 1.3 sec cd counter, SIN invisi decoy, etc. It might only be good IF BD block 'punishes' enemy 100% of time even though they don't get parried. Otherwise like I said... good players RARELY gets parried. Making it on 8 seconds cooldown then is there a point in using the skill ever?
  10. What if REMOVE BD spin?

    Oh thanks. I don't play WL so didn't know. WL > Parry = Spin not that good. Maybe it needs a buff. And here I thought this thread was saying spin was too good. I mistaken. And is it surprising that one skill doesn't beat all? I think it's pretty normal. If all players equal, some classes tend to beat some while not do so well against others. I guess we can all agree that no classes are exactly balanced, but nothing exactly broken op (hopefully).
  11. What if REMOVE BD spin?

    I'm pretty sure I said it, but... best counter for spin is to not hit the parry... Since you are expert BD, surely you noticed how fast your focus drain after spinning. Other class TABS (other than destroyer) have no cost or regenerates focus I think. Even if a scenario where spin cost no focus and a BD spam it... many of us who thinks before acting will be able to attack in between the 0.5 sec parry. You make it sound like it grants full invulnerability for the duration of the spin; in fact, it doesn't even reduce damage with parry spec. But if you only play against less experienced players, and they complain that they cannot do anything when you spin all the time... I have nothing to say to that. Play against more skillful players who does not hit your parry and I'm sure you will be the one to complain. BD's spin is reactive; it alone can not win any matches (Unless they allow you to spin them to death). Also, I'm sure many of us can argue how op other characters are. Even assassin for example... if you blow your TAB escape then get locked... you're probably not getting out alive against one. But only bad players waste TAB escape?... Well I'm pretty sure the same applies for hitting parry. :/ I think you said something about if BD has 'block'... 'might all will get something?' BD vortex - 0.5 sec deflect/ 1 sec cooldown BM block - 4 second block/1 sec cooldown KFM counter - 1 second counter/1.3 sec cooldown & heals, cc, increase defense Des spin to win - 0.5 sec deflect/no cooldown Those are reactive skills and some proactive ones are like Sin turning leaf - 1 sec target stun/penetrates deflect I surprised no one complains about them as you said... To each their own.
  12. Same Hairstyle when u wear Headgear !!

    It's the clipping that would be indeed the problem. I mean it's already present and collision detection is not the best... Putting certain shaped helmets and such accessories will make it odd. Like a beret over an afro? Wait is that even possible? ... But regardless, if Korea or whatever version ours is based off of does not have such capabilities, much adjustments would be needed regardless if clipping becomes an issue or not. :/
  13. What if REMOVE BD spin?

    Someone with 'Shadow' in name say play BD (sure, but main? clearly not), claims spin so broken and defends sins. Hmm, I'll bite. Assuming you are talking about the Parry... anyone who knows what they are up against does not get parried by a BD spamming spin; it's 0.5 seconds after all. You have at least another half second window to hit without being parried. Any BD who knows what they are doing will not spam spin either... Like how other characters do not spam block/counters. Also... spin cost 2 focus, so no successful parry for 5 spins makes BD a sitting duck. Well I mean if you are so good at BD you would know this, and I didn't need to tell you right? On a side note, I like how only you get complaint playing BD, but many other don't (clearly not as much as you). I jealous of how popular you are.
  14. Same Hairstyle when u wear Headgear !!

    I agree with you! However, I must side with NCSOFT on this one. Making head accessories unique to each hair style will require too many models. I mean, if I was them, I wouldn't want to create a hundred different styles for every headgear that comes out... Having one is plain and simple but much easier. More so if Korea version does not provide the models then... the extra labor would simply not be worth it overall. But I do 110% agree with you that having the look determine by the characters hair would be much better and feel more genuine.
  15. Black Friday Blade & Soul...

    I a programmer by trade, but I willing to volunteer to be in charge of the marketing if they have position open! I plan to be out of my current job by Feb, so if they have fair salary and good benefits... Though if they treat employees like they do the players, I may need to reconsider.