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  1. when this shit is still in the game, why cant the devs expect anything other than being completely frustrated? this bug killed warlocks for me entirely.
  2. http://www.prnwatch.com/prio/ sadly this program does nothing on my machine. i installed it, restarted but i dont get the option on the menu to save affinities :( any help?
  3. any new info on this issue? i would maybe think about coming back but cant handle the *cricket*ing shake
  4. title says it all. i would like to come back, but these two things mainly absolutely destroyed my experience at launch. so i quit the game 2 months after european launch. whats the situation atm? still abysimal performance and no button to disable screen shake? just for info, here is a thread about the screen shake and a demo video.
  5. i also want to get this thread rolling, the shake is horrible. i stopped playing for two months, came back today and can not handle the shake. i am getting headaches, and it throws me off very bad. it is just unnessesary and produces problems. nobody will miss it, just get it out of the game!
  6. i also have huge problems playing force master and other classes because of this. i wanna raise attention again to this post because it is still a big problem. i stopped playing for 2 months now, came back and wanted to play force master again. i cant play with it. i am getting headaches and stuff.
  7. hello people, i just want to get some stuff off my chest and hear your thoughts on them. i am *cricket*ing frustrated with the "pve" rotation. i got 45 yesterday, got my hongmoon sunflower skill shortly after. so yeah, i saw a video guide on youtube today and learned how it is done correctly. press 1 then f, spam lb and rb, go into doom and bloom via f again and spam more. get 5 stacks, start holding down rb and enjoy watching you bursting via your huge sunflower bazooka! yay that makes happy, when in reality... ...you are often absolutely grashoppere
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