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  1. How do i get a Stalkers blade?

    You get it from the Stalker Jiangishi. When you kill the boss you get essence, which you can use on the Wheel of Fortune. There is a low chance for the item you get to be the one you're looking for. Be warned - you'll probably need to farm the boss a good 20 or so times before you get it. But it's worth it - you will most likely drop a costume and a decorative item that takes up the mask slot
  2. Mindset and You - B&S Edition!

    @PbbladeYes, this is the point I was trying to make, thank you for understanding. Mindset helps you to continue fighting as best as you can, but unless you put a lot of time & work to be able to ignore limits (such as ping for example), your 'best' won't matter much against such limiting things I view mindset as a form of mental stamina - As long as you have a good mindset, you can try again and again regardless of the conditions. However, even if you have insane stamina you can't outrun Usain Bolt - You can, however, practice a lot and you will eventually improve. I don't know who Jaesung is (I do not know much about NA pvpers), but he seems like a perfect example - He didn't give up despite the ping, and he eventually managed to beat them. But he won because of skill, not because of mindset - the mindset simply helped him keep trying to improve to become skillful.
  3. What outfits have you guys farmed so far?

    Hm, how do you add stuff to wardbrobe? does it still take inventory space when you do that? Also, do you know what is the name of the costume dropped by Pokey?
  4. Why are 45s runing lowbie dungeon? STOP!!!

    "why are high levels there if not to help?" that's pretty damn selfish.... they're playing the game for fun just like you, and they're doing those quests for the same reason as you. if you don't like the fact that they don't wait for you, play without them.
  5. Mindset and You - B&S Edition!

    Except that I wasn't trying to explain why I might lose in a game, I'm saying that mindset isn't such a large influence. Yes, if I think I'm going to lose I might not try as hard which can lead to a loss, but by that logic if I have high ping I won't be able to hit as much which can also lead to a loss. Both have equal effect on the outcome in that case. I wasn't making excuses, I was pointing out that fights have many factors and mindset is only a very small factor in a fight. Even if you study and memorize every possible outcome, even if you have the best mindset possible, mindset isn't such a large factor. I've seen people in the past who were pissed and just mashed random buttons beat players who thought about their actions and had a good mindset.
  6. Mindset and You - B&S Edition!

    Mindset and skill is important yes, but there are many more factors unfortunately. Yes, classes will never be 100% balanced, I accept that, however you act as if that's the only factor. Lets say you're blade master against an assassin. You're already going to have a very tough match, because assassins tend to have an advantage over blade masters usually. Now lets add ping to the game: Heck, now the devs can do nothing about this unfair advantage - your very location affects the outcomes of the match, by making it more difficult or easier for you depending on your ping. Add to that things such as lagspikes & bugs, and while you still have a chance of winning, mindset isn't going to tilt the odds in your favor if you have a class that is strong against the class you have. You're either going to need luck (for no bugs happening and such, enemy using wrong skills on accident, etc.) or a lot of skill, which not all players have, despite lots of practice.
  7. Ban summoners from Arena

    Ban an entire class from pvp because you suck? do you have any other types of bait? I don't think anybody is gonna fall for that :)
  8. Sure, try to kill me with a bow when I'm two meters away from you, let's see how useful that'll be... Considering that nearly every class can dash towards enemies within 16 meters, archer will be pretty useless as long as it's realistic
  9. Which crafts are actually useful?

    Honestly I think this entire crafting system is a joke. Limiting professions to two gathering two crafting is useless... I can just create an alt, get him to level 15 and then pick several more professions. They should look at Wakfu... for years, there was a limit of 3 professions per character but as soon as they realized that it just raises the number of alts and lowers player communication & trading, they made it so that everyone can have access to all professions at once. Ankama does a lot of shitty decisions when it comes to the Wakfu branch, but this is one of the best things they've done since the start of the game.
  10. A support class. Able to buff allies, debuff enemies, transport players away from you (either to get allies out of danger or to escape from enemies), and slightly heal allies. Has a skill that makes itself invisible for 0.5 seconds, and when it reappears, it has a double that looks identical to the real player. Double lasts until it runs out of hp or until 10 seconds pass. Has a passive trait that makes chi-infusion and revival much faster. Low defense health & attack, but high speed and high base-hp-regen and crit chance.
  11. Which crafts are actually useful?

    You can have multiple professions at once. Personally, I think that Soul Wardens, Tree Fellers & Merry Potters work well together, but I haven't been crafting much, so best to ask someone else about that...
  12. Well, I'm from the middle east and wasn't even aware that there was supposed to be a region lock, so...
  13. Infinite Cinematic

    Yeah, I can login with no problem to NA, but EU isn't working =/