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  1. Confusion?

    It's a Qilyn, the ancestor/progenitor of the Lyn race, and their racial symbol. The exact spelling of the creature's name tends to vary, though, so look out for Kirin, Quilin, etc. when researching.
  2. Do you guys like screenshots?

    I love how the cat is staring at the birdie.
  3. Let me draw your Lyn

    Hello~ I'd love for you to draw my Lyn, Heemi. =) http://imgur.com/a/5JEyF
  4. Jiwan is a Brazilian server?

    I think that'd be a massive monetary loss, dude. Those Brazilians have every human right to play the game, and most who play the game end up paying for premium anyways, so... It seems to me that a lot of the problem is translation. Would you be as prejudiced against the people of brazil if they spoke english and you could understand every word they were saying? Probably not. But sadly people dehumanize eachother for the dumbest of things nowadays, and I'm glad NCsoft is not having any of your whining influence them and their decisions.